Terror suspect ‘taunted police’

By Duncan Hooper Mohammed Hamid, 50, was allegedly overheard by an undercover police officer as they drove past Paddington Green high security police station. Woolwich Crown Court was told Hamid yelled: “Here is your terrorist, I’m here, come and get me.” The court heard that Hamid was travelling back with a group of young muslim men from a “terror training camp” in the New Forest. The undercover officer, who infiltrated the group after claiming he wanted to convert to Islam, also attended the camp…

Man Says He Planted German Train Bombs: Man On Trial In Lebanon Says He Planted Bombs In Germany Over Muhammad Cartoons

A Lebanese man on trial for a failed train bombing in Germany last year testified Thursday that he and another suspect planted crude bombs to protest cartoons that ridiculed Islam’s prophet Muhammad, but he denied any links to al-Qaida.

Wrong to suspect converts to Islam: top prosecutor

Karlsruhe, Germany (dpa) – It would be wrong to cast a general cloud of suspicion over converts to Islam, German Attorney General Monika Harms said Thursday, following the smashing last week of an alleged Islamist terrorist cell. The revelation that two of those arrested on September 4 for planning potentially devastating bomb attacks against US targets in Germany were Germans who had adopted Islam provoked debate on the radicalization of converts. Speaking to Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa in an interview, Harms said many converts to Islam were peaceful, although watchfulness was needed. But she added: “We can’t cast suspicion on entire population groups. That’s not acceptable, and nobody wants that.

Denmark: Denmark: Connections between recent terror plots

The people who have been arrested on Tuesday’s terrorism case in Copenhagen and the former Glostrup case members both have connections to the same radical Islamist environment, having taught in the same mosque in Heimdalsgade in Copenhagen. The older of the eight men, SA, functioned as “spiritual leader” for one of the case’s main suspects, AT (21), giving him and other youth Koran lessons in Aved_re, and introducing him to the extremist scene in the capital. SA (29) was released but is still a suspect. AT and HK, both 21 years old, have been arrested for 27 days on suspicion of planning a terror attack. Berlingske Tidende’s sources say that SA was inspired by Abu Ahmed, self-appointed imam. Abu Ahmed is also related to the Glostrup case, where he provided spiritual guidance for Abu Lifa (recently sentenced to 7 years in prison) and his three co-suspects at the mosque in Heimdalsgade (N_rrebro).

In Oakland, a Black Pillar Dissolves in Unrest

OAKLAND, Aug. 10 – A federal judge’s order to liquidate the assets of Your Black Muslim Bakery will shutter one of this city’s black nationalist institutions, a step called long overdue by many members of the clergy and community activists. They had veered far, far away from the basic tenets of the Muslim faith, said Amos C. Brown, senior pastor at the Third Baptist Church in San Francisco. They had become agents and perpetrators of terror and vigilantism. The bankruptcy ruling late Thursday to pay off some $900,000 in debt and back taxes came a week after the killing of a local journalist, Chauncey W. Bailey Jr., a case in which a handyman employed by the bakery is a prime suspect. Mr. Bailey, who had been investigating the bakery’s finances for a newspaper story, was shot at close range in daylight in downtown Oakland on Aug. 2.

Italian Police Charge Imam and 2 Aides With Training Terrorists

The Italian police were hunting for a fourth suspect on Sunday after arresting the imam of a mosque in central Italy and two of his aides over the weekend on suspicion of running a ”terror school” that trained children in bomb making and guerrilla combat. The police said they confiscated as many as 60 types of chemicals from the home of the imam, materials that they suspect could have been used for bomb making. All three of the men arrested were Moroccan. The police identified the imam as Korchi el-Mostapha, 41, and his two aides as Mohamed el-Jari, 47, and Driss Safika, 46. The raid was part of a two-year investigation that involved monitoring of telephone and Internet communications. Arturo De Felice, the police chief in Perugia, where the men were arrested, said investigators raided the mosque on Saturday morning. He said the imam’s home was near the mosque. The police said they found computer files including video and documents on weapons training and instructions on how to prepare poisons and explosives, pilot a Boeing 747 and send encrypted messages. The police also said the suspects had contacts with members of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group who were arrested two years ago in Belgium. The Islamic group is believed to have ties to Al Qaeda and has been linked to the 2004 train bombings in Madrid and the 2003 suicide bombings in Casablanca, Morocco. Chief De Felice said he did not believe that those arrested Saturday were planning an attack but rather were focusing on training. He said he was confident that the fourth suspect would be caught within days.