“Glimpses of Interculturality:” a dialogue on the diversity needed to sustain integration

June 7, 2013


A collaboration between Macrame, Zimbro and the association of Barcellonesi Muslims, Romanian Orthodox Parish-Messina and the Sunni Mosque in Barcelona, and the artistic contribution of the photographer George Special, have all supported the creation of a photographic exhibition, entitled “Glimpses of Interculturality”

The Ottawa Citizen Profiles Zijad Delic

The Ottawa Citizen profiles Dr. Zijad Delic, who immigrated to Canada in 1995 from Bosnia and received his PhD from Simon Fraser University ten years later. Delic is currently an imam at British Columbia’s largest Sunni Mosque as well as an administrator at the B.C. Muslim school. He is coordinating “Islamic History Month Canada,” proclaimed by the Canadian federal government in the month of October.