US Arab-Muslim comedy community grows, pushes beyond funny talk in post-9/11 world

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Arab-Muslim stand-up comedy is flourishing more than a decade after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. While comics like Obeidallah, Ahmed Ahmed and Amer Zahr differ on approach — and there are disagreements among some— they’re all trying to do more than just lampoon themselves or their people for easy laughs.

The comedian who made his name on the “Axis of Evil Comedy Tour” made one thing clear when he opened a recent set at Michigan State University: “Tonight, it’s not Islam 101.”

For every joke Dean Obeidallah made about his Arabic heritage or Muslim faith, there were others about student loans, Asian-American basketball phenom Jeremy Lin, the presidential race and full-body scans at airports.

Dutch students: Grant reform will negatively impact muslims

In advance of this week’s federal elections, Dutch student unions spoke to the Telegraaf about the potential effects of study grant reform in the country. Practicising Muslim students will be hit hard if the new cabinet replaces the current student grants with a system based on student loans. Student unions explained that Muslim students’, who account for approximately 13% of higher education students, belief stop them from paying interest on student loans.