Ethnic statistics find an opening

The use of an ethnic-racial reference is becoming a possible prospect in France, with the intent of studying the trajectories of immigrants, the children of immigrants, and their degrees of inclusion and discriminations they may face. Introduced in May by the Demographic National Institute, the objective to ask questions and seek answers about demographic grown in France, although some see the project as a way to propagate stereotypes about skin colors, racism, and codify the uncategorical.

UK Muslim ads to improve image

A UK group launched an ad campaign on Monday aimed at countering negative stereotypes about Muslims in the wake of the July 7, 2005 suicide bombings in London. Islam-is-Peace bought advertising for London buses and Underground trains showing Muslims in a range of professions, including a policewoman and the chef Michael Barry, with the slogan Proud to be a British Muslim. The group formed after four UK radical Muslims blew themselves up, killing themselves and 52 commuters on three London Underground trains and a bus.

US Muslim Students Clear Stereotypes

CAIRO – A leading US Muslim advocacy group is championing a leadership training seminar for fighting stereotypes and empowering American Muslims to define themselves in US society, reported the Daily Southtown on Thursday, September 27. “We have to fix that, by making people aware of who we are,” said student Nadia Ahmed. Ahmed took part in the leadership training seminar organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) at Universal School in Bridgeview to teach American Muslims how to clear stereotypes. What non-Muslims might think when they see hijab-clad women at the shopping mall, asked Ahmed Rehab, the executive director of CAIR’s Chicago office. “Terrorists, crazy, oppressed,” the students shouted.

Arab House urges Muslim youth to not be seen as “a problem”

The coordinator of Investigaci_n de la Casa _rabe, Elena Agirita, emphasized yesterday the necessity to break with the image of the Muslim youth as potential elements of social conflict and maladjusted to western societies. This week, The Young and also Muslim secretary of the course . The new Muslim generation in Europe and the Islamic countries that are celebrated this week in the University the International Men_ndez Pelayo (UIMP) criticized in press conference the perpetuaci_n of the stereotypes through visions sensationalists or who emphasize the ignorance and the problems of integration of this group. La coordinadora de Investigaci_n de la Casa _rabe, Elena Agirita, enfatiz_ ayer la necesidad de “romper” con la imagen de los j_venes musulmanes como “potenciales elementos de conflicto social y de inadaptaci_n a las sociedades occidentales”. The course, “Young and also Muslim: The new Muslim generation in Europe and Islamic countries” is celebrated this week at the Universidad Internacional Men_ndez Pelayo (UIMP). In a press conference related to this event, its spokesman criticized the “perpetuation of stereotypes” through “sensationalist” reporting that emphasizes the ignorance of this groups and its problems with integration.

Poll reveals Muslims as model citizens

Contrary to popular stereotypes, Muslims in London have almost twice as much confidence in the Government as the general public and are noticeably more trusting of the judicial system, elections and the police. More than half identify very strongly with Britain, and about four in every five believe that it is important for integration to master the English language, get a better education and find a job. The findings, to be revealed tomorrow, are the result of an independent survey of Muslim attitudes by the Gallup Organisation, and point to a much more hopeful outlook for integration than recent reports of extremism, alienation and a ghetto mentality have suggested.