Germany under Qaeda terror threat

Ranking higher on the hit list of Al-Qaeda, Germany has become a prime target for them. Commanders of the terror group in Afghanistan and Pakistan have ordered terror attacks on the country, senior government officials said today. ”Germany is at the centre of Al-Qaeda’s attention and in their line of fire. The facts have changed since last year,” interior ministry spokesman Stefan Paris said confirming a press report. A state secretary in the interior ministry, August Hanning said that al-Qaeda leaders based in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan had ‘decided to carry out attacks in Germany.’ ”We are worried that we will not be able to foil every plot,” he added. Die Welt said Germany’s domestic intelligence agency and police had established that Germany’s six-year-old military mission in Afghanistan had prompted Al-Qaeda to move the country ‘much higher’ on its list of targets.

Germany sees more al-Qaeda online activity

German security officials have seen an increase in al-Qaeda activity on the Internet aimed at radicalizing, recruiting and training potential German-speaking terrorists, an Interior Ministry official said Friday. Stefan Paris, the spokesman for Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, said that “German security authorities have seen a qualitative increase in al-Qaeda activity on the Internet.” Based on information studied online, Paris told reporters that German officials believe that al-Qaeda has rebuilt itself among the Afghan-Pakistani border region. “We have very clearly seen that al-Qaeda increasingly uses the Internet for three components – a massive radicalization, recruiting and the spreading of technical information on how to carry out a terror attack, including construction of explosive devices.” Paris said. He added that officials were also seeing a “clear focus on Germany,” citing an increase in the number of German-language postings from al-Qaeda over the past year.