Lleida’s mayor said that Muslims in his city “are not doing enough” to integrate.

06 August 2012

Lleida’s mayor, Angel Ros, has said that Muslims in his city “are not doing enough” to integrate.
Ros has advised the community to “normalize their ways and to have the will to do an integration process.”
“The fact is that today in this country even a mosque generates rejection” and to this attitude, the Muslim community should respond by making a greater standardization effort.

Spanish imams launch independent training body

Spanish Muslims have launched an independent, self-regulatory body to train imams in the southern European country, IslamOnline.net reports. The Islamic Union of Imams and Preachers in Spain will be entrusted with training imams and preachers across the country.

Chairman Sheikh Alaa Said explains that “the growing Muslim community in Spain required the launch of an official Islamic body to unify efforts of imams and preachers nationwide”. He admitted that many mosque imams are not well-prepared to do their job: “We have nearly 700 mosques in Spain, most of which are supervised by volunteered imams who have not studied religious sciences or been trained perfectly to do the job.” The new umbrella organization, with specialized committees on fatwa, research, and training, seeks to rectify this lack of training and unify the country’s imams.