Spanish Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Adha

October 15, 2013


Between one and a half million to two million Muslims in Spain celebrated Tuesday the Eid Al – Adha or Feast of Sacrifice.

According to Manuel Escudero , the vice-president of the Islamic Council in Spain, ” the economic crisis will affect this celebration . There are families that are are experiencing great difficulties “, he said .

Another issue of major concern to the Spanish Muslims in this data is to have the flexibility from their employers to miss a work day in order to participate in the celebration of Eid Al-Adha.



The number of Muslims in Canarias doubles since the last census

07 July 2013

The number of Muslims in the Canary Islands has doubled in the last five years. If in 2008 there were 30,000 people in the archipelago that professed the religion of Islam, in 2013 the figure has risen up to 66,969 Muslims, representing an increase of  55,2%.

But this boom is striking in itself, since more than half of the Muslims in the Islands are converted Islanders; specifically, 35,870 converted Muslims. Plus, they also have one of the highest number of Islamic classes and of Muslims students (7.450 in total, being 5.497 Spanish Muslims and 2.043 foreign Muslims).


According to the last population census[1] of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (UCIDE), after the Spanish converted Muslims, there are 18,746 Moroccan Muslims, accounting for 28%. Far ahead from the Spanish and Moroccan Muslims are the 3,225 Senegalese Muslims. The census also reports the existence of already nearly 30 mosques in the Canarian Islands.

[1] Census published on February 2013

Spanish Muslims denounce the displacement of their mosques

03 June 2013

The president of the Union of the Islamic Communities of Spain, Riay Tatary, has criticized the “exile” with which “some municipalities” want to “punish” their mosques by moving them to “uninhabited areas such as industrial ones” or the suburbs. Tatary also added that this measure of the urbanization plans makes it harder for the believers to attend the services, to pray five times a day or just to go to the mosque in a daily basis.

Letter from the Spanish Islamic Council to the new Pope

14 March 2013


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Dear Pope,
The community of Spanish Muslims part of the Islamic Council wants to give you a heartfelt message of brotherhood and spiritual harmony on the difficult and exciting task of leading the Catholic church in the XXI century.
We hope that during your papacy, the message of love of Jesus will strengthen the spiritual communion between Christians, Muslims and other religions and creeds, and that we may achieve, among all believers, the foundation for a world spirituality oriented and of peaceful coexistence, solidarity and brotherhood of all mankind.
May peace and blessings of God accompany you,

Abdelkarim Carrasco
Presidente of the Islamic Council

Spanish Muslims wish that Pope Francis I, will keep the interfaith dialogue

16 March 2013


The President of the Islamic Communities of Spain, Riay Tatary, expects the new Pope to maintain an open dialogue profile and have a spirit of approchement towards others, not only to Catholics, but to all the great religions that “follow a same god. ”

Riay Tatary, expressed hope that the new Pope would follow the lead of interreligious dialogue that his predecessor Emeritus Pontiff, Benedict XVI, kept.

“If there is peace and cooperation between Christians and Muslims” for sure there will be peace in the world “because interreligious dialogue can promote coexistence, especially among members of the great religions,” concluded Tatary.

Melilla is the autonomous city with more Spanish Muslims

17 February 2013


In Melilla resides a total of 31,276 Spanish Muslims, making it 6% of all those living in Spain, according to “Demographic Study of the Muslim population ‘for the year 2012, published by the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (UCIDE), the Andalusian Observatory and assembled through data obtained from the different regional Institutions and Ministries of Interior, Justice and Education. The number of Muslims grew throughout 2012 in both Spanish autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla), as seen by comparing the UCIDE study of this year with the one of last year.

16.452 Muslims in Extremadura , according to the Observatorio Andalusí

16 April 2012
According to the Observatorio Andalusí ‘s Annual Report for 2011published by the Union of Islamic Communities, in Spain live around 16,452 Muslims in Extremadura.

It highlights the following:
There are 17 Islamic identities with 16 mosques in the region of Extremadura.

Muslims living in Extremadura: 16,452 divided between foreign and Spanish (nationalized)
Foreign Muslims in Extremadura: 9,551
Spanish Muslims (nationalized): 6,901
Foreign Muslims in Badajoz (164 municipality): 3,191
Foreign Muslims in Cáceres (221 ​​municipality): 6,360

With regard to the nationality of the foreigners living in Extremadura, the Moroccan nationality is dominant with 8645.

Muslim Students in Extremadura:
Spanish Students: 1,019
Immigrant Students: 1,655

Spanish Muslims ask not to generalize isolated terrorist acts and fear even more Islamophobia

Levante-EMV – 31/03/2012

On Friday sermon at the Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia,
the Toulouse killings in France were condemned and it was highlighted that this violent behavior had nothing to do with Islam. Just four days later, the Muslim communities of Valencia were painfully surprised by the arrest of the Al Qaeda Librarian, a Saudi ‘jihad’ accused of capturing terrorists through the Internet and encouraging the implementation of terrorist acts.
With “fear” that this will result in “an increase in Islamophobia” in the Region Valencia, the president of the Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia, Abdelaziz Hammaoui, launched yesterday “an appeal for calm to the whole society”, and “not generalize” these isolated attitudes because “that can do great damage not only to the Muslim community, but to the Spanish society as a whole, and can break down the work of awareness and approach we have been doing in recent years. Do not fall in what these people precisely want to plant: discord and hate. “

Junta Islamica condemns terrorist group allegations on Al-Andalus territory

The Islamic association “Junta Islamica”, created in 1989 and primarily composed of Spanish converts, has publicly condemned the references some terrorist groups have made about the re-conquest of the old Al-Andalus territory.

Mansur Escuero, Junta Islamica’s president, says such declarations damage the image of European Muslims. He added that Spanish Muslims are full European citizens with the same rights and obligations as any other citizen, and they aren’t trying to conquer any territories. 

Spanish imams launch independent training body

Spanish Muslims have launched an independent, self-regulatory body to train imams in the southern European country, reports. The Islamic Union of Imams and Preachers in Spain will be entrusted with training imams and preachers across the country.

Chairman Sheikh Alaa Said explains that “the growing Muslim community in Spain required the launch of an official Islamic body to unify efforts of imams and preachers nationwide”. He admitted that many mosque imams are not well-prepared to do their job: “We have nearly 700 mosques in Spain, most of which are supervised by volunteered imams who have not studied religious sciences or been trained perfectly to do the job.” The new umbrella organization, with specialized committees on fatwa, research, and training, seeks to rectify this lack of training and unify the country’s imams.