Moroccan government adverts Spain that the red lines of territorial integrity shouldn’t be crossed

The spokesman of the Moroccan government, Jalid Naciri, affirmed today that there are red lines of territorial integrity that shouldn’t be crossed, and that Spanish citizens ought to respect these sensitivities. These comments were made in reference to the visit of the Spanish Royal family to Morocco. Naciri added that he hopes that this visit will not interfere in cordial Spanish-Moroccan relations, fundamental to Mediterranean stability.

Intercultura presents a book about the Hispano-Moroccan relations

The Interculture Association will present a book entitled Spain-Morocco from the river South presented by the La Vanguardia and Cadena Ser, and North African correspondent Carla Fibla. The presentation of the book will be also include a debate and open discussion. The author focused her work in the Perejil crisis, and the diplomatic relationship between Aznar’s government and Morocco, including a collection of opinions from a variety of people, including professors and journalists about subjects such as the Western Sahara and, and immigration perspectives surrounding of Spanish-Moroccan relations.