Spanish Islamic Community examines “The Role of women in the integration of family in society.”

30 April 2012


On Sunday, April 22 of 2012, in Montmelo, the Islamic Community with the collaboration of the Union of Islamic Communities of Catalonia organized a conference for female members of the community under the title “The Role of women in the integration of family in society. ”
At the end of the conference it was clear for all participants the degree of concern that women have over the education of children, communication with neighbors and direct involvement in civic participation.

The Islamic Community of Algeciras accuses local agents of xenophobia

Ibrahim El – Merabit, member of the Spanish Islamic Community has denounced some episodes of xenophobia in the southern city of Algecires committed by the local police. Although affirming to respect the police agents he criticizes above all the new agents who see all Moroccans as criminals, delinquents and drug addicts. In order to talk about the situation his organization will solicit a meeting with the mayor of the city, Tom_s Herrera.