‘El País’ places Spain in the target of Islamic Terrorism

18 March 2013

The newspaper El Pais has put Spain in the spotlight of Islamic terrorism after broadcasting a video of the alleged torture of an Iraqi detainee in 2004 at the military base in Diwaniya by soldiers of the Spanish Armed Forces.
The Ministry of Defence has pledged to investigate the veracity of the video that, if true, would be the first proven case of abuse of the Spanish Army in an international mission.
The spread of this video does not benefit Spain at all, as it is again targeted by Islamic terrorism. It seems that the journal has taken this material from the so-called ‘Wikileaks papers’.

In the Spanish Army, being both soldier and Muslim translates to suspicion

The Spanish Army is facing discrimination complaints coming from Muslims soldiers. Any soldiers that show sympathy or proximity with radicals or Islamists will be kept under close surveillance. Thirty percent of the 8,000 soldiers deployed in Ceuta and Melilla are Muslims; for most of them, being in the army it is a valid career path. General Luis Gómez-Hortiguela, ex-General Commander of Ceuta, has denied all accusations.

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