The government prepares reform of the Freedom of Religion Law (LOLR)

The Spanish government is preparing a draft bill for reforms of the Freedom of Religion Law. The current law was defined in the Spanish Constitution of 1978, but the text was created and approved in 1980. It is possible that this draft bill will be presented in April of this year.
The objective of this new legal text is to better reflect the changing religious situation in Spain. Currently, the details of the text have not been disclosed, but it probably includes the elimination of all religious symbols in public institutions.

Proposed union between Muslim Party and Socialist Party in Ceuta called off

The Socialist Party (PSOE) and the Muslim Party (UCDE) of Ceuta have refused to go ahead with their proposed union.

Both political groups were discussing the possibility of a union as an alternative to the current local right-wing dominated city government.

The UCDE demanded, as a condition of the union, control of either the Local Education Board or the Unemployment Office. The Socialist party was not prepared to meet these demands; negotiations have thus broken down.