David Cameron: Democracy and Islam are compatible

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has warned against Islamic extremism and praised Indonesia as living proof that Islam is compatible with democracy.

Speaking to students in Jakarta on the latest stop of his trade mission to South East Asia, he said extremists only wanted to impose a particular and radical version of Islam on society.

Private banking seeks new Islamic niche

It seems logical: combine two of the fastest growing financial sectors in south and south-east Asia – Islamic banking, and private banking – to create a new niche: private banking for rich Muslims in the region. After all, about 350m believers live in the rapidly expanding economies of India, Indonesia and Malaysia. If only a few hundred thousand of them are high-net-worth individuals, the CIMB Private Bank in Malaysia is a pioneer in this segment. It announced in April it would offer high-net-worth individuals with MDollars 1m (Pounds 145,000, Euros 208,000, USDollars 297,000) or more of investable assets a service based on shariah principles…