Muslims Not Obliged ‘Forever’ to Condemn Every Gruesome Crime

June 28, 2010

By: Khaled Aljenfawi

A Republican candidate for Congress from Tennessee Lou Ann Zelenik argued against building a mosque in a Nashville’s suburb because according to her it poses a “threat to her state’s moral and political foundation.” I do agree with Zelenik about the need for sane and rational people to condemn radicalism, terrorism and all sorts of intolerance. However, a Muslim individual whether he or she is an American, a Kuwaiti or a Somali is not obliged to condemn terrorism 24/7 nor do they need to feel guilty or feel an urge to separate themselves from any mad act of intolerance, which allegedly happen in the name of Islam!

Rotterdam court requests more information in extradition of Somali man

A district court in Rotterdam is requesting additional information from the US authorities as it requests the extradition of a Somali man arrested at a refugee center in Dronten, Flevoland in November 2009. The man is alleged to have helped extremists travel to Somalia in connection with the Islamic movement Al Shabaab.
Mohamud Said Omar’s lawyers claim that the alleged offences relate to a time before Al Shabaab was considered organization. AP reports that the court in Rotterdam has asked the US to provide more information on the country’s definition of a terror group and whether the US viewed Al Shabaab as a terrorist organization before March 2008.

Dutch police arrest terror suspect at the request of US

At the request of US authorities, Dutch police have arrested a 43 year old Somali national in Dronten, the Netherlands, for suspected involvement in jihadist activities. The man had previously been resident in Minneapolis in the United States and is believed to have been in the Netherlands since December 2008. He was arrested at an asylum seeker’s center. Associated Press reports that US authorities suspect Omar of bankrolling the purchase of weapons for Islamic extremists and helping other Somalis travel to Somalia in 2007 and 2008. They have requested his extradition.

Terrorism: Politicians Warn of Increased Terror Threat in Germany

Politicians in Germany warned Saturday of the dangers posed by Islamists, following the arrest of two terrorist suspects and a police search for two others. The arrests took place in Cologne on Friday when a Somali and a German of Somali descent were escorted off a plane bound for the Dutch city Amsterdam. German prosecutors on Saturday were granted arrest warrants for the two men by a local court. Chief prosecutor Fred Apostel said evidence provided by police showed the pair “were planning to carry out an attack in the near future.” Security sources said the pair had been under observation for months and were planning to travel via the Netherlands to a training camp for militants on the Pakistan-Afghan border. A search of their apartment had turned up letters in which the two men, who are in their 20s, had declared their readiness to die in a jihad or holy war, the sources said. Police apparently stepped in to prevent them from joining their comrades in the Islamic Jihad Union, (IJU), often described as a successor to the terrorist network al Qaeda.

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