Militant Islamist website calls for attacks on France and President Hollande

March 11, 2014


A militant Islamist website has created a series of posters calling for attacks on France and for the assassination of President Francois Hollande in reprisal for the country’s policies in Mali and the Central African Republic, the SITE monitoring service said late on Monday.

The al Minbar Jihadi Media Network, a well-known Islamist website, created six posters as part of a campaign it dubbed, “We will not be silent, O France,” SITE said.

The forum’s “Media soldiers for the support of Islam” designed the posters, which can be downloaded and printed by visitors to the site.

France’s troops in the Central African Republic, around 2,000 soldiers, are supporting a 6,000-strong African Union peacekeeping mission.

“To our lone-wolves in France, assassinate the president of disbelief and criminality, terrify his cursed government, and bomb them and scare them as a support to the vulnerable in the Central African Republic,” one of the posters said.

Hollande has said his troops would work to stop the Central African Republic splitting in two and to disarm rival fighters.

A source in the French president’s office said that while the government was very alert to the threat of attacks, they were not a new phenomenon.

“This is not the first time there have been threats,” the source said. “There were others during the Mali intervention and even before, so we took precautionary measures.”

“Just because they (threats) are being publicized does not mean that they are new… Sometimes they are more dangerous when they are not publicized.”

Al Minbar Jihadi Media Network publishes news for various al Qaeda affiliates and other jihadists and has had an online magazine since July last year.

A French-led offensive in January 2013 drove out Islamist militants who had seized control of northern Mali. Small groups of fighters loyal to Islamist groups including the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa and al Qaeda in the Maghreb still operate in the desert region, carrying out periodic attacks.

Kidnappings and killing of French nationals has since then taken place as a form of reprisal.

Two French journalists were abducted and killed in Northern Mali in November, with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claiming responsibility.



Qaeda threatens Germany to change policies or face consequences

Al-Qaeda warned Germans on Friday to change their government in the September 27 election, saying they will face a “bad awakening” if they do not, according to two intelligence monitoring services.

Germany was also told to withdraw its 4,200 troops from Afghanistan or face being attacked at home, the US-based groups said. In video footage a man identified as Abu Talha the German, and speaking in German, says that if Chancellor Angela Merkel is re-elected, “bitter times await the Germans,” according to IntelCenter and the SITE Intelligence Group. He asks: “Mrs Merkel, what is the logical outcome reaped by the British and Spanish conservatives by their support for the Iraq war?” in an apparent reference to attacks in Madrid and London in 2004 and 2005. He appears to suggest that if German voters do not heed his warnings, Al-Qaeda will act within a fortnight. Germany’s interior ministry said on Friday there was an increased risk of attacks on German soil ahead of the elections, and said security at airports and train stations had been boosted. Addressing German Muslims Abu Talha says: “Al-Qaeda asks you to stay away from all that is not necessary in the two weeks that follow the elections, if the German people does not decide to withdraw its soldiers from Afghanistan. Keep your children near you in this period.” Abu Talha, whose real name is said to be Bekkay Harrach, stands in front of a red backdrop, wearing a jacket and tie. He is said by the German authorities to be a native of Morocco, and in his early 30s, who has lived intermittently in Bonn and is now thought to be in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area. In the footage he asks Muslim youths in Germany to let Al-Qaeda act first if the jihad were to begin in Germany, and says they will be told if action is required afterwards. He also said the city of Kiel “will remain a peaceful city, no matter how long the conflict.” Abu Talha says that if Germany withdraws from Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda will no longer target it. “If the Germans are inclined now towards peace, then the mujahideen will be inclined towards peace, as well. With the departure of the last German soldier from Afghanistan, the last mujahid in Germany will be withdrawn. “It is time for Germany to know that Afghanistan is not the seventeenth province of Germany and that it is not the ‘beer tent’ where to hold the ‘Oktoberfest’ throughout the year,” he added. The authenticity of the nearly 26-minute video cannot be independently verified. Abu Talha first appeared in a video entitled “Germany?s Rescue Plan” from Al-Qaeda?s media arm, As-Sahab, on January 17. In that video, he also threatened reprisals if Germany did not withdraw from Afghanistan. He said Germans were “gullible and naive” if they thought they “were going to get off without injury when they are the third (largest) occupying force in Afghanistan” after the Americans and the British. He later dictated an audio message that was released on February 26 and was entitled “Islam and the Financial Crisis.”

New Al-Qaeda Menace in France Regarding the Headscarf

The second in command of Al-Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahiri has threatened that France will “pay for its crimes” regarding its “hostility” toward the Islamic Headscarf according to an American surveillance Center of Islamicist websites called SITE. Al-Zawahiri claimed that “France claims to be a secular country, but at its heart it has a hatred for Muslims.” He also threatened American president Barack Obama.

Al-Qaeda extends deadline for Austrian hostages

Kidnappers repeat their call for freeing Islamists held in Algeria, Tunisia in exchange for Austrians’ freedom. Austria vowed Monday to press on with efforts to free two nationals seized by an Al-Qaeda group in north Africa, while the kidnappers were said to have extended a deal-making deadline into next month. “It is an additional extension of two weeks that will expire on Sunday, April 6, 2008, at midnight,” the Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb said in a message posted on militant websites and picked up by the US-based monitoring group SITE Intelligence. When this “final” extension expires, “we will have exhausted what we could bear. Let Austria, Tunisia and Algeria be responsible for the lives of the kidnapped,” the message said. The group also repeated its original demand that a number of Islamists imprisoned in Algeria and Tunisia be released in exchange for the Austrians’ freedom. “The conditions of the mujahedeen regarding the release of some of our hostages in return for the release of the kidnapped are still the same and did not change, even while some of the newspapers that are used to lying claim otherwise,” the message said. Sim Wissgott reports.

Zawahiri calls for ‘cleansing’ Maghreb of France, Spain

DUBAI (AFP) – Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri has called for Iberia to be restored to the Islamic world, saying the first step needs to be the ‘cleansing’ of Spaniards and French from the Maghreb. Zawahiri was speaking in an 81-minute documentary-style video entitled “The Power of Truth” made public on Thursday by the US-based SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors Islamist websites. “O our Muslim Ummah (community) in the Maghreb of ribat and jihad (land of resistance and holy war): restoring Al-Andalus is a trust on the shoulders of the Ummah in general and on your shoulders in particular,” he said.

Denmark: Experts say Denmark emerging target for Islamic terror

The alleged al-Qaida link in a terror plot foiled in Denmark this week underscores fears that the country has emerged as a target for Islamic terrorists following last year’s uproar over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, experts said Wednesday. “Denmark has been named by all leading al-Qaida leaders as a potential target that they would love to see exposed to a terror attack,” said Rita Katz, of the Washington D.C.-based SITE institute, which monitors militant postings. “This is because of the cartoons.” Eight people were arrested early Tuesday in what the Danish intelligence said was a crackdown on Islamic militants with links to senior al-Qaida leaders. The suspects were preparing explosives for a planned terror attack, the PET intelligence service said, but did not identify the target.