Anti-Islam and pork-day: All provocations by Calderoli

July 14, 2013
Jokes about the Pope and the death penalty: the parable of an outspoken League

Minister Cecile Kyenge, makes him think “of an orangutan” this is just the latest in multiple invectives launched by Roberto Calderoni. Provocations decidedly uncomfortable to almost all of its stakeholders with only two exceptions: Umberto Bossi and Silvio Berlusconi.

Calderoni had never been outspoken in his invectives, and never sparked controversy raging not only from the center but also in the CDL. This all changed with his provocation on TV, in February 2006 in which he wore T-shirts printed with the Danish Mohammed cartoonist blacklisted by Islam. This made him have to resign from Minister Berlusconi’s government after the harsh reaction from the Libyan government.

The Anti-Islam T-shirt
February 15, 2006 Calderoli was seen on TV wearing a T-shirt under his shirt, on which is printed a cartoon that mocks Muhammad. In the days following were successive violent reactions in Muslim countries, including the assault on the Italian consulate in Benghazi and the Church in the same city. Calderoni was forced to resign.

Pig Day
In 2007 Calderoli unleashed a political storm and outrage of the Muslim community with his shocking proposal to hold a “pig-day” (whose meat is forbidden food in the Quran) against the construction of new mosques in Italy.

Calderoni has continued his invectives against the pope, Iraq and the death penalty.

The Veil in Islam: A free and Informed Choice

By Erika Farris

March 11, 2013


This article discusses women and the veil. In particular the story focuses on Khalida El Khatir, born in Morocco in 1984 her father moved to Trentino for work. She makes the point that the ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi has acted in a way that subjugates women. The veil is not a representation of oppression or subjection and Islam cannot be reduced to fanatics. This is a stance seen in the video “Life Beyond the Veil” from the website series Italian Letters.

Thousands mourn quake victims at funeral mass, Muslims included in mourning ceremonies

Thousands of mourners took part in an emotional funeral Mass for victims of the earthquake in the central Italian region of Abruzzo that left 290 people dead and 28,000 homeless. A representative of the Italian Muslim community, Mohamed Nour Dachan, participated in the funerals. Dachan appealed that all the mourners be “united in brotherly live,” and was met with applause. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was also in attendance of the service, which was lead by the Vatican’s second highest official, Cardinal Tascisio Bertone, and was broadcast live on national television.

“Immigrant massacre” in Caserta stirs concern

Italy is dealing with a rise in immigrant anger this week after protests erupted against the violent attacks directed at African immigrants. At Caserta, located in the north of Naples, riots sparked after the Naples mafia was linked to the gang-related killing of six Africans – three Ghanians, two Liberians, and a Togolese. In Milan, thousands took to the streets to condemn the beating to death of a young man from Burkina Faso, who was caught stealing biscuits from a local bar. While the events are unrelated, they show an increasing divide between African descended Italian citizens and migrants, and other Italians, with underlying tensions of skin color and racist concerns. The cabinet of Silvio Berlusconi approved 500 troops to monitor Caserta, and remain in the area for thee months to safeguard the area.

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Libya and Italy seen set to sign compensation deal

Libya and Italy are set to reach a deal soon to compensate for Italy’s three-decade colonial rule. The deal, said to be worth billions, was announced by Saif al Islam, the influential so of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. “In the next weeks, Libya will sign a deal with Italy on compensation for the colonial period. This deal … amounts to billions,” Said told an official gathering in Tripoli. The accord involves multiple projects, including a motorway across Libya, education resourced, and the clearing of mines dating back to the colonial era. Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi said that he hopes this friendship treaty could be signed by the end of August.

Young Muslims reject death threats against PM

Young Muslim Italians have expressed their support for journalist and recent Christian convert Magdi Allam, and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, after death threats were posted against them on an al-Qaeda inspired website. The organization Young Muslims of Italy asserted that no Muslims ought to sympathize with these threats, and that The association, Young Italian Muslims, expresses disdain and rejects the unacceptable violent threats that appeared in an internet forum, run by Muslims.” In a statement issued on Wednesday, the organization expressed solidarity with Berlusconi and Allam, saying that it is important to do so as members of both a civil society and religions community.

Naples imam hopeful Berlusconi can end rubbish crisis

Naples imam Yasin Gentile is coming forward to talk about the growing garbage crisis in the city, and hope that prime minister Silvio Burlesconi can ease the issue. “We hope that Silvio Berlusconi’s arrival in Naples can resolve this rubbish crisis because with the arrival of summer, there are fears of epidemics and a sanitary emergency in this city,” said Gentile. Gentile, who said that the issue isn’t a major topic of discussion in the city’s mosque, is an Italian convert to Islam, and graduated from the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Italian Trial of C.I.A. Operatives Begins With Torture Testimony

After a long delay of CIA operatives and former Italian intelligence officials, a judge ruled that Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi could be called to testify about the abduction of a radical Muslim cleric, in Italy, in 2003. Testimony began Wednesday with the cleric’s wife, Ghali Nabila, who said that her husband was taken from Italy and transferred to a prison in Egypt, where he was repeatedly tortured. I found him wasted, skinny – so skinny – his hair had turned white, he had a hearing aid, Ms. Nabila said. While the Bush administration has admitted to programs of extraordinary rendition and abducting terrorism suspects outside of the United States, the administration has denied that persons are sent to nations that torture. Last year, and Italian prosecutor brought charges against 26 Americans, including 25 CIA agent operatives, citing a train of incriminating evidence prior to the cleric’s kidnapping.

Italy’s Northern League resurgent; Berlusconi returns to power

Italy’s center-right leader Silvio Berlusconi won a return to power this week, and concerns over immigration resulted in gains by the anti-immigrant Northern League. While the two maintain some differences, both have concerns about Italy’s increasing foreign-born population. “One of the first things to do is to close the frontiers and set up more camps to identify foreign citizens who don’t have jobs and are forced into a life of crime,” Berlusconi said. In its campaigns, the Northern League’s campaign posters have been subject to criticism. One of this year’s posters displayed a drawing of an American Indian in a feathered headdress, with a caption saying: they suffered immigration: Now they live in reserves.

New Al-Qaeda message targets Berlusconi

Italy’s formerly center-right prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is among a recent list of al-Qaeda enemies, named in a video posted on the internet. In the video, al-Qaeda member Adam Gadahn describes Berlusconi as an accomplice of Bush in he Crusader war against Islam. The video, entitled _an invitation to reflection and repentance’ was posted on an unnamed Islamist website.