Dutch Mosque Suspends Radical Sheikh

31 March 2012


Sheikh Fawaz al-Jneid has been suspended from the Sunnah mosque in The Hague for at least three weeks after allegedly insulting board members and disturbing a meeting. In an interview Sheikh Fawaz commented that he does not intend to abide by the mosque’s injunction and accuses the board of trying to prevent him from speaking on political matters during Friday prayers. Meanwhile a lawyer acting on behalf of the mosque board has provided a letter proposing measures to curtail Sheikh Fawaz’s authority within the mosque.


Sheikh Fawaz Jneid (1963) was born in Syria, trained in Saudi Arabia and became an imam in the United Arab Emirates. He left the UAE after protesting the presence of American troops in 1991, and arrived in the Netherlands where he became one of the primary figures in the Dutch salafist movement. Jneid is affiliated with the As-Soennah mosque in The Hague and is prominent at a national level for his political activity, but is not linked to violence. He has been at the center of several controversies which have received considerable attention in the national press, including his condemnation of Theo van Gogh and Hirsi Ali.

Sharia4Holland Founded in the Netherlands

A group has been founded in the Netherlands calling on Muslims to fight for the establishment of a Dutch Islamic state. Sharia4Holland has split from Sharia4Belgium, and wants sharia law to be introduced in the country, and is active on the internet including on facebook and YouTube. The National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator has announced that the national intelligence agency is aware of the group and its activities, and it has yet to commit a crime.

Meanwhile, Imam Sheikh Fawaz Jneid of the as-Soennah mosque in Den Hague has distanced himself from Sharia4Holland, while the Freedom Party requested that the Interior Minister ban the organization.