Ceuta is in the mind of the terrorist jihadist

11 May 2012

Coming from Seville, Professor at the University Pablo de Olavide, Manuel Ricardo Torres Soriano[1], offered yesterday at the UNED a conference on the danger of terrorist organizations where he answered some questions about this subject:

Q -Do Ceuta and Melilla have to be especially concerned?
A- Terrorism affects mainly Algeria, which has numerous criminal organizations, then it is true that there are terrorist activities in Morocco and Mauritania but with less intensity. Ceuta and Mellia is part of these organizations radical discourse as a vindication and as an attempt to legitimize their aspirations expelling the alleged Western invasion of a territory they consider Islamic.
Q- What role must Spain play?
A – There must be cooperation among democratic countries, wherever part of the world they are from, and all together we may reach a successful conclusion.



Muslim municipal councillor resigns

Fatima Mohamed, municipal councilor at Gines city Council (a small town in Seville) and member of the conservative Popular Party, resigned. She declared that she was being discriminated by her own party because she wore the hijab. She also stated that the Popular Party had used her in order to “sell integration”, but that her opinion in favor of the wearing of the hijab had caused her to be rejected by key members of the Popular Party in Andalusia.

Seville Mosque Remains Costly Dream

For years, Muslims in Seville have been trying to build a mosque in the southern Spanish city. Although the mosque construction has strong community support, funding remains a major issue. “We need no less than 6 million euros,” said Malik Roueth, a local Muslim community leader. Finding, and subsequently paying for a 6,000-meter piece of land for a mosque that can accommodate 10,000 worshippers has caused the dream to run into several snags. The plan to build such a mosque in Seville has met fierce opposition from some locals; slaughtered pigs heads have been left at the location, and protests have erupted against the dream.

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Justice recognizes the legality of the proposed mosque in Seville

The Islamic Community in Spain may invoke a court ruling to build a mosque in Seville, despite the ruling by the mayor to close the request and file to continue with the project. The dispute surrounds the financial ground for which land to build the mosque may be acquired, and whether or not the Islamic Community in Seville constitutes as a religious institution – thereby exempting them from certain land fees. Lawyers opposing the construction say the case could be in mitigation for two years, while proponents of the mosque are planning to begin construction despite a settled agreement.

From One Border to the Next: The Past and Present of Islam in the West

Between 15 and 22 July the universities of Granada, Hassan II-Mohammedia, Paris VIII and Seville will hold a joint program under the aegis of the Euro_rabe Foundation. The history of al-Andalus, the Mediterranean in history, syncretism, progress and tradition will be some of the organising themes at this European Summer University.

Seville’s Islamic Echo

By Marlise Simons SEVILLE, Spain La Giralda, this city’s grand tower standing 90 meters tall, with its warm terra cotta colors and delicate brick patterns, was once called Spain’s most perfect minaret. Its twin stands in Marrakesh, Morocco, a reminder of the centuries-old ties between the countries. .Seville’s minaret has been the bell tower of the city’s Roman Catholic cathedral for the last 500 years. Today, however, many of those who walk by it daily are again Moroccans, part of the growing number of Muslim immigrants to Spain. While they have not talked about reclaiming the minaret, they are seeking permission to build a large mosque in Seville, as Islamic immigrants have in six other Spanish cities. .At the moment, Seville’s Muslims, many of them clandestine workers, meet in small buildings or discrete prayer rooms. But every demand for a proper house of worship awakens nervousness here.