Facebook Page for Dutch Turkish Woman Removing Hijab

Radio Netherlands Worldwide provides an update on a recent profile of a Dutch – Turkish woman who has removed her hijab. Semra Celebi created a facebook page entitled “I took off my hijab” which entailed a huge response from international readers. Celebi has faced criticism on the page but will continue to maintain it, as a means of supporting other women in a similar position. The page, however, is not meant to encourage others to follow her example, as Celebi feels each woman should make her own decision with respect to the hijab.

Profile: Dutch Turkish Woman No Longer Wears Hijab

November 24 2010

Radio Netherlands Worldwide provides a feature article this week profiling Turkish woman Semra Celebi’s decision to stop wearing a hijab. Celebi, who recently started a facebook page called “I took off my hijab” has been wearing a headscarf since she was two. Of her decision, she says, “It no longer suited the way I saw my religion. I don’t need it to be a good Muslim… It is part of my identity and I wore it for 16 years. I was afraid of how people would react”.