Local Police agents break into a Mosque in Mataro

05 August 2013


The local Police (Mossos d’Esquadra) of Mataro broke on Sunday into the mosque of Rocafonda coinciding with the celebration of Laylat al-Qadr, the Night of Destiny, which occurs between the twenty-sixth and twenty -and-seventh day of Ramadan.

The police was following a group of young people that was previously manifesting in the city center about an alleged attack to one of their members by the local security forces. After the manifestation the group headed to the mosque causing the Mossos, d’Esquadra to follow them and consequently forcing the entrance into the religious space.
The day after these events, and after a meeting between the city Mayor representatives, delegates of the Autonomous Police of Catalonia, the local police, and some Muslim organizations, a brief statement, condemning the event.

Al Qaeda launches a new magazine that contains several references to Spain.

22 July 2013


Security forces have detected the launch of a new  Jihadist magazine that since weeks circulates in radical Internet forums. Its name is AZAN, and it is published by a group known as ‘Mujahideen in Khorasan’ akin to Al Qaeda.  Its first issue has several references to Spain and contains also an article of the Spanish-born radical activist Mustafa Setmarian, as reported by the counterterrorism forces. These same sources have stated that Spain is referenced in several articles as ‘Al-Andalus’. One of them is about the reconquest of the Spanish territory which is particularly symbolic to jihadist ideology because it evokes one of the periods of greatest splendor of Islam. In any case, the experts in the analysis of these documents consider that at the moment thery are only theoretical references and doctrine. Another aspect that has attracted the attention of the security forces is the signature of one of the writers, Abu Musad Al Suri, aka Mustafa Setmarian. He is one of the leaders of Al Qaeda and one of the main theorists of the jihadist movement. He is one of the greatest promoters of the individual terrorist figure, better known as ‘lone wolves’, which represents a major security concerns among Western countries. The researchers placed him as ‘Number Four’ in the leadership of Al Qaeda; he is married with a Spanish woman and he has Spanish passport. He was arrested in Pakistan in 2005 and handed over to U.S. authorities, who had a reward prize of $ 5 million for his capture. After supposedly being held for several years in secret prisons, is believed to have been delivered into Syria.

A National Unity Government for Egypt!

President Morsi has failed. The divided nation now needs real dialogue. The majority of Egyptians is against a theological state, says diplomat and political analyst Ashraf Swelam

Egypt is more divided than ever before. You don’t have to be a genius to recognize this fact. And yet, President Mohammed Morsi has not comprehended the situation. Nor has the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, nor have their allies from the Salafi camp. And this is despite Morsi having won the country’s first presidential election with only a slim majority.

After the election, Morsi’s most pressing task was to unite the divided country and act as the president of all Egyptians. This is what he had promised. Yet, without batting an eyelid, he did exactly the opposite. He thereby contributed to the growth of a deep-seated and earnest aversion felt by many Egyptians to the Muslim brotherhood.

And, time and again, he has bowed down before Egypt’s so-called “deep state”, the impenetrable web made up of the military, security forces, and bureaucrats. He has even taken up common cause with them, instead of taking revolutionary forces on board to help breathe new life into the severely weakened country.



Young Islamist sends out death calls against Right-wing movement Pro NRW

May 25

The 27 year-old German Islamist Yassin Chouka, alias “Abu Ibrahim” has sent out a death call via the Internet. In a video, released on the You Tube platform on May 18th, he condemns the Muhammad Cartoon campaign, organized a few weeks ago by the right-wing movement party of Pro North Rhine-Westphalia in some German cities. In his words, Pro NRW members have insulted the prophet and deserve the only possible punishment, which is death. In his call, Chouka asks to gather detailed information about Pro NRW members, their address in order to locate and murder them.

German security authorities have expressed high concern in regard of this issue: this is the first time a recognized member of the Islamist community calls for such a drastic action. The interests of German security forces are focusing on young self-radicalized individuals, sympathizing with the Jihadist scene. Also, the Federal Prosecutor General is investigating against Chouka, accusing him of activities in a terrorist association

Yassin Chouka is born in Germany and moved to Pakistan in 2007 to join a terrorist group called Islamic movement of Uzbekistan (IMZ). A splinter group of IMZ is the Islamic Jihad Union, which attempted to commit a terrorist plot by the so called “Sauerland cell”. The Sauerland group planned bomb attacks across Germany but was uncovered and arrested by German security forces in 2007. Together with his older brother Mounir Chouka, Yassin released periodical video messages from Waziristan calling for terrorist attacks in Germany. According to his core statements, Germany would deserve the harshest punishment possible, as it would be governed by “Jewish forces” and cooperate with the USA in Afghanistan. Recently, the Chouka brothers had praised the French Islamist Mohammed Merah as a martyr for having killed seven persons. Yassin and Mounir Chouka are suspected to be in the area of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. German and US Federal authorities are hunting both with an international arrest warrant.

Swastika at the Islamic Centre

Two minors are under investigation for the swastika that appeared December 3rd on the walls of the Centre for Islamic culture in Lendinara (Rovigo).

The act seems to be the consequence of a broil between Italian and Moroccan boys.
According to the security forces, the two investigated aren’t be part of a subversive group. The act should be defined, instead, as a “mere prank”.

Spanish Radio: Taliban threatens attacks on West

Spanish security forces discovered a video showing the Taliban threatening to stage attacks on Spain, the United States, France, Denmark, Australia, and Israel. It “threatens NATO and US troops with attacks against their interests inside and outside of Afghan territory of they do not withdraw from Afghanistan,” said news radio station Cadena Ser.

The 42-minute long video was distributed on November 14th – five days after two Spanish soldiers were killed in a suicide bomb attack in western Afghanistan. Spanish security forces have given the video “total credibility” and are taking the threats very seriously.

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Muslim Demonstrators Protest Outside American Actor’s Hospital Room in Nice

Dozens of Muslim residents in Nice protested outside the hospital of American actor Angelina Jolie’s, demanding more attention be given by the mayor to a local murdered youth and not to Jolie and actor Brad Pitt’s recently born twin babies. Specifically protestors were requesting that the body of the victim be released to have a proper Muslim funeral.

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Spain raises terrorism alert ahead of elections

Spain went on maximum terror alert on Thursday ahead of the start of official campaigning in the country, in what is turning out to be one of the most fiercely contested legislative election in decades. The interior minister said that the alert would provide for a total mobilization of security forces, monitoring party headquarters, election meetings, public transportation, and other public venues. The rise in the terror alert was attributed to fears of an attack by the armed Basque separatist group ETA, and correspondents also say the threat comes from Islamist militants. The outcome of the last general election held in 2004 was altered by the morning bombings of packed commuter trains three days prior to the elections.