‘Former Arsenal player’ in Syrian jihad video identified as Portuguese

April 16, 2014


A jihadist fighter described as a former Arsenal footballer has been identified as a Portuguese citizen, it can be disclosed.

The man appeared in a video released online two weeks ago urging others to join the jihadists, using a false name and speaking in a heavy accent.

Rumours spread in the media and across the internet that the man was Lassana Diarra, 29, who played international football for France and for clubs including Arsenal, Chelsea, Portsmouth. Diarra was forced to deny he had ever set foot in the war-torn country.

The video was posted in an account linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) which is associated with al-Qaida.

British and foreign security services performed analysis on his accent and learned that he is probably Portuguese, sources have now disclosed.

They believe the man is an individual called Celso Rodrigues Da Costa who had been living in Leyton, east London with his two brothers.

In the video posted last week, the man believed to be Da Costa was wearing a balaclava and a relatively smart, green quilted jacket as he sat beside a lake, brandishing an AK-47.

He was sending a message to the people of the Ukraine, apparently in the belief that Muslims in the Ukraine or Crimea might want to join the fight in Syria.


The Guardian




Judgement of the Librarian of Al Qaeda has started

April 24, 2014


The National Court will start the judgement of Mudhar Hussein Almalki also known as the Librarian of Al Qaeda , which the prosecution accuses of participating directly in different platforms such as online jihad.

Almalki was arrested in 2012 in Valencia and was the supervisor of the propaganda team of the jihadist group Ansar al- Mujahideen which follows the guidelines and instructions of Al Qaeda.He also participated on a daily basis in the three most important jihadist internet forums.


La Vanguardia


¡Matadlos! Quién estuvo detrás del 11-M y por qué se atentó en España’

February 18, 2014


Author: Fernando Reinaressobre_matadlos_web

Title: ¡Matadlos! Quién estuvo detrás del 11-M y por qué se atentó en España’

Publisher: Galaxia Gutenberg, S.L., Colección: Ensayo

ISBN: 978-84-16072-00-2


Ten years have passed since the 11M terrorist attacks in Madrid and finally, the whole truth is exposed in this book. After years of rigorous research, Fernando Reinares reveals when and where the decision to attack was made in Spain. He explains how the terrorist network of 11-M was formed, what were the main components, their international connections and funding.
Matadlos!Kill them! concludes that the killings in the commuter trains in Madrid were planned for reasons of revenge, and were prepared by the criteria of opportunity and were executed for strategic reasons. In fact, the author says that the reasons for revenge   have their roots in the dismantlement of an Al-Qaeda Spanish cell in 1997, and the general role of Spain in the anti-terrorist fight. Al-Qaeda supported and helped the execution of the 11-M attacks and profited from the context of the Iraq war to placed the in the strategy of the organization.






The 11M attacks were approved by al-Qaeda

The 2004 Islamist attacks in Madrid were not the result of an “isolated cell ” but they had the “approval and facilitation ” of Al- Qaeda. This has been assured on Tuesday by Spanish expert, Fernando Reinares who has spent years researching the facts. In his new book, “Matadlos! Quien estuvo detras del 11-M y por que se atento en Espana” (‘Kill them! Who was behind the 11-M and why was Spain attacked”)he concludes that “the decision to attack Spain was made in December 2001 in Karachi”, Pakistan.
According with Reinares, “the initial decision to attack Spain was due to motives of revenge”. In fact, the author says that the motives  have their roots in the dismantlement of an Al-Qaeda Spanish cell in 1997, and the general role of Spain in the anti-terrorist fight.


Abc.es: http://www.abc.es/espana/20140218/rc-atentados-fueron-aprobados-qaida-201402182001.html

Dutch Court Releases Two Men in Pending Syria Case

February 4, 2014


A court in the Netherlands has released two young men from custody, pending their trial. The two men (aged 26 and 21) were arrested in Germany in August, allegedly en route to Syria to fight in the civil war. The public prosecution claims this means the men were preparing to take part in terrorist attacks. The two have been allowed out of jail pending their trial for plotting terrorist offences, but must remain in the Netherlands.

Dutch News – http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2014/02/two_men_released_from_jail_pen.php

Jihad flies over Malaga

January 12, 2014


The arrest of Mohamed Sadik Abdeluahid in Malaga brings to the fore the fact that jihadists use the city airport as a platform to return to Spain after their military training. The High Court judge Ismael Moreno sent Sadik to prison on charges of belonging to the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levante (ISIL), responsible for recruiting Mujahideen for Syria from Ceuta and Morocco. According to the judge this cell has sent at least six groups of men from Spain to Syria.


La opinion de Malaga: http://www.laopiniondemalaga.es/malaga/2014/01/12/yihad-sobrevuela-malaga/644800.htmlNew norm to the opening of the mosques

Islam, the Milanese Judges in the Abu Omar Case: “Extremists Cultivated in Viale Jenner”

January 15, 2014


The written judgment that sentenced Abu Omar to six years in prison for international terrorism explained that the sentence was greatly reduced due to unlawful seizure by the CIA and Omar’s subsequent unlawful detention.

For at least two years, between 2001 and 2003, in the mosques of Milan’s Viale Jenner and Via Quaranta Omar, the imam, would instruct his flock to sacrifice themselves in the “battle” of “all Muslims against all non-Muslims ” or Jihad which involves the duty to “kill people.” The spiritual guide was “one of the main nodes in Lombardy to the “terrorist group Ansar al- Islam, also linked to Osama bin Laden.“On 17 February 2003, Abu Omar, of Egyptian origin, was illegally seized through “extraordinary rendition” in Milan by the CIA and taken to Egypt, where he was also tortured.

THE INVESTIGATION The imam kidnapped by the CIA Abu Omar was sentenced to six years in jail for international terrorism, on the one hand there are dozens and dozens of pages of wiretaps and documents proving that the former imam recruited “soldiers” in Milan who were ready for “martyrdom” in Kurdistan and on the other hand the imam was unlawfully abducted by 007 Americans. According to the indictment, the CIA was given the green light by SISMI, the Italian military secret service.

According to the preliminary hearing judge Stefania Milan Donadeo, although Abu Omar does not deserve the “extenuating circumstances given the seriousness of the facts” and his ” dangerousness,” and in “accordance with Article 133 of the Penal Code, the court had to take into account the illegitimate detention suffered.” The kidnapping of former imams has been brought to light in 33 convictions.

The sentence for Abu Omar, who was brought to trial in absentia (he is still in Egypt) by deputy prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli, came almost 11 years after his abduction. Before being seized, the former imam had already been under investigation for international terrorism by Digos , coordinated by the anti-terrorism PMs Armando Spataro and Ferdinando Pomarici . According to the indictment, between 2001 and 2003 he was a member, along with 13 other foreigners, of an association, which had “the purpose of committing acts of violence for the purposes of terrorism in Italy and abroad.”


La Repubblica: http://milano.repubblica.it/cronaca/2014/01/15/news/islam_i_giudici_milanesi_su_abu_omar_cos_formava_martiri_in_viale_jenner-76042412/

Spanish Jihadists in Syria

January 15, 2014


A total of 17 jihadists, most of them residents in Ceuta, have traveled from Spain to Syria to fight in the ongoing civil war has revealed the Real Instituto Elcano. For this reason, the Spanish National Intelligence Center (CNI) has been in contact with representatives of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad to request information on these citizens who have moved to Syria to fight the war, given the risk that they may return to their country and turn into a threat.


La Informacion War (In Spanish): http://noticias.lainformacion.com/mundo/el-cni-espanol-pide-al-regimen-de-al-assad-datos-de-yihadistas-de-ceuta-en-siria_dRMtha1s0YxCoPtMesTV37/