Politiken journalists reject prophet drawing apology

The Danish newspaper Politiken, which has around 200 staff members, on February 26 apologized for offending Muslims with the 2008 reprint but did not apologize for reprinting the cartoon.

Thirty-eight staff members of Politiken issued a letter on Saturday March 6 saying they are against the newspaper’s apology for offending Muslims by reprinting a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban.

In a letter published in the newspaper, the editorial staff said “Politiken has nothing to apologize for.”

“The settlement gives the impression that we regret our journalism, something there is no basis for whatsoever,” they wrote, saying democratic journalism entails “describing reality as precisely as possible and to encourage social debate.” They also said they fear the settlement could interfere with their editorial freedom.

Greece: Hijab no threat to secularism

On Saturday March 8th, Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis defended the right of Muslim women to cover their heads, refuting claims that the headscarf poses a threat to secularism. Human rights and the secular nature of a state are not threatened by the headscarf. Nor are they safeguarded by a ban said Bakoyannis. Bakoyannis blamed western media as ignorant in its propagation about misconceptions of women in Islam, saying that the so-called Western world has more stereotypes than we care to admit. In addition, Greece’s top diplomat insisted that women and men are ensured equality in Islam.