Calling for an Open Debate of Evolution Theory and Islam Without Prejudice

9 April 2011

Following the controversy around evolution theory and Islam ( ), an opinion piece in the Guardian focuses the variety of Muslim opinions on evolution and the role of anti-Islamic sentiment in the debate.

In this piece, Salman Hameed calls for a more nuanced view on what Muslims think of evolution theory, as there is not one “official” stance, although many do find the theory challenging. But the critics who denounced the views of Usama Hasan, a lecturer and imam who defended evolution theory but withdrew his statements after receiving death threats, only fuel anti-Islamic sentiments, Hameed claims. Evolution theory was just another area after the headscarf issue where many non-Muslims will not be able and willing to understand Islam. Hameed therefore calls for a free debate of the theory among Muslims without having to fear any repressions or threats.