Rock & Roll Jihad Interview of Salman Ahmad on ABC, Oct 3 2010

The British and American governments’ latest weapon in the fight against al Qaeda isn’t a missle or an intricate piece of technology, but a long-haired rocker named Salman Ahmed.

Ahmed is the lead singer of rock band Junoon, a band that is using music to urge students to choose electric guitars over extremism.

Ahmed, who has already reached over 30 million records sold, is arguably the biggest rock star in the Muslim world. But he has a much bigger mission: rock and roll jihad.

The concept is loosely defined by Ahmed as a way of using music to stand up to the violent rhetoric of Islamic terrorists. … [Read More]

Muslim rocker wields guitar in rock’n’roll jihad

He is a long-haired rocker who plays a mean riff and cites Led Zeppelin among his influences — and now he has been unveiled as the government’s latest weapon in the fight against Al-Qaeda.

Salman Ahmad, a Pakistani musician whose band has sold more than 30m albums, is to urge Muslim students to choose an electric guitar over extremism.

The self-proclaimed “rock’n’roll jihadist” will take his message this week to students at Oxford University, Imperial College and the London School of Economics, which all have sizable Islamic societies.

“You counter radicalisation through telling the truth and if that comes from the power of a guitar then do that,” said Ahmad, who has worked with the Obama administration to tackle extremism on American college campuses.