Preventing Fort Hood?

It’s reported that the FBI and Army intelligence investigated contacts between the alleged shooter and a militant Islamist cleric who is calling him “a hero.” Why did the FBI and the Army decide not to pursue his contacts the cleric? Did they know that Hasan warned fellow officers that Muslim soldiers could be dangerous because of conflicts about fighting in Muslim countries? Is al Qaeda telling Muslim soldiers to commit violence? Do they face discrimination, especially where Christian fundamentalism is widespread?

This hourlong interview explores these questions with the following guests:

Josh Meyer: Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times
Bruce Hoffman: Professor of Security Studies, Georgetown University
Salam Al-Marayati: Executive Director, Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Mona Charen: author and syndicated columnist
Mikey Weinstein: President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Ellison to Young Muslim-Americans: Participate in Democracy

Twenty-five young women and men attended the second annual Young Muslim-American Leaders Summit-DC, to speak with national political leaders about they role they can play in shaping future American policies. The event was organized by the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who’s executive director Salam Al-Marayati said that we need more Muslims in civil society in America; we need more Muslims in government and media; that is the only way to be part of the solution. Among the attendees, was Congressman Keith Ellison – the first Muslim ever elected to US Congress. Ellison urged young Muslim-Americans not to see themselves as outcasts or victims because of the surge in surveillance, airport interrogations, and ethnic profiling. He stated that in order to change policy, quietude and indifference won’t affect policy makers, but an active, honest, and sincere commitment to advocacy would create active change.

Florida Attorney General agrees to Muslim advisory group

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum met behind closed doors with leaders from the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, angry over his having shown a film to employees during office hours, called by the council’s leaders as anti-Muslim propaganda. Both sides emerged from the meeting citing it as positive. McCollum has also agreed to form a new Muslim-American advisory group in the attorney general’s office. The council’s executive directory Salam Al-Marayati said: He didn’t apologize, but I think he understands our perspective and that’s something he didn’t have before. Last month, McCollum sent an e-mail to 500 employees urging that they attend a screening of the film _Obsession.’ The film’s subtitle is _Radical Islam’s War Against the West.