President Medvedev stresses Islam’s importance for Russia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sent a message to greet the fifth session of the “Russia and the Islamic World” Strategic Vision Group held in Kuwait.

In the message he notes that “the Group has made a great contribution to development of trust and mutual understanding between Russia and Muslim states during three years of its work”. He also said: “Your activities help to resist radical and extremist initiatives. The Group is a platform for sharing experience in building tolerant relations between different cultures and religions.”

“The Russian Federation as Organization of the Islamic Conference observer state is firm in its intention to develop dialogue with the Islamic world,”–the message also reads.

Russia: Russian Muslims protest against ban on book

The Council of Muftis, Russia’s highest Muslim council, issued a protest against a ban on some Islamic publications that are being considered by authorities as extremist. The Council “has taken a decision to request that the relevant institutions of the Russian Federation carry out a repeat analysis of the books,” adding that they were seriously concerned over the subjective compilation. Starting in 2007, authorities have complied a regularly updated list of publications that deemed banning, many of which are linked to Islam. The Council of Muftis represents Russia’s 20 Million Muslims.