Denmark: Denmark: Royal Library will not display Mohammed cartoons

Denmark’s national library will house the cartoon images of the prophet Muhammad that provoked violent riots throughout the Islamic world two years ago. The Royal Library has declared the drawings to be of historic value, and is trying to acquire them for preservation purposes. It has agreed to take possession of the caricatures on behalf of the museum of Danish cartoon art, and negotiations with the artists of the 12 cartoons are said to be at an advanced stage. We are not interested in an exhibition, we are interested in them being kept safe for future generations because they have created history in Denmark said Jytte Kjaergaard, a spokeswoman for the library.

Denmark: Danish Library Wants to Preserve Inflammatory Drawings

Copenhagen’s Royal Library is working to acquire controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed for its permanent collection. The 12 drawings would be preserved for posterity — but probably never put on display, to the dismay of some. A dozen of the most inflammatory newspaper sketches in history may soon share shelves with some of Denmark’s most prized historical documents. The Danish Royal Library, founded more than 350 years ago, is working to acquire 12 cartoons of Muhammad that angered Muslims and resulted in deadly riots worldwide in 2006. Andrew Curry reports.