Pre-Trial Comments for Dutch Turkish Woman Accused of Killing Lover

31 July 2013


The lawyer for a Turkish woman accused of shooting her lover last February has commented that she did so under threat from her husband, according to the Dutch Algemeen Dagblad newspaper.

Ramazan Korkmaz was discovered injured in his car in the city of Vlaardingen. He subsequently died. Serma K, a 37 year old woman whose relationship with Korkmaz was discovered through text messages, was arrested in connection with the shooting. Upon arrest, Serma K shouted that she had cleansed her “honour”.

Serma K’s lawyer has now commented that the shooting occurred due to pressure exercised upon the woman by her husband, following the discovery of the affair. According to the lawyer, her husband “shaved her head. She was also assaulted, degraded and raped by him…”. The lawyer made the comments during a pre-trial in a Rotterdam court, adding that Serma K. fees safe enough to tell her story now that her husband is in custody for incitement to murder.

Dutch Muslims Celebrate Ramadan 2013

July 11 2013


Dutch Muslims began celebration of Ramadan on July 10. The month coincides with summer holidays in the Netherlands, and many Muslims in the Netherlands spend Ramadan in their home countries. Those who spend Ramadan in the Netherlands attend social and cultural activities, including attending planned Iftar programs in local mosques. Major cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam have built Iftar tents in the most popular sites to welcome Muslim and non-Muslim visitors.

The president of the Federation of Turkish Islamic Culture (TIKDF) Arif Yakisir said that 143 mosques linked to the federation planned to organize Iftar programs every day.

Islamic Secondary School in Rotterdam to Take on Christian School Association Management

The Islamic secondary school in Rotterdam which has been involved in a scandal over unauthorized early access to final exams, now faces different management.  There had been calls for the school, which also faces financial problems, to close down. Rather, NOS reports that the school is to be run by a Christian secondary school association for the coming years.

Turkish PvdA Members of Rotterdam District Council Resign

July 3 2013


The management board of the Rotterdam district council Feijenoord has resigned, following a report on the activities of Labour Party (PvdA) members of Turkish descent.


Turkish members of the district Labour Party leadership have allegedly participated in nepotism favoring Turkish residents and organizations, according to the Bureau for the Integrity of Netherlands Municipalities (BING). BING also names Seyit Yeyden, chairman of the Feijenoord executive, and two unnamed council members, as guilty of conflict of interest. The board announced its resignation in a letter to the district council.

National Final Exams Stolen at Rotterdam Islamic School

12 June 2013


Fifteen national secondary school exams were stolen from the Ibn Ghaldoun Islamic school in Rotterdam.

With last week’s initial discovery of one stolen exam the national French exam was cancelled, and 17,000 pupils across the country had to retake a new version of the exam the following day.

After this incident a further 14 exams went missing from Ibn Ghaldoun. It is unlikely that students will retake exams nationwide, as the Education Ministry believes that these exams have not been distributed to pupils of other schools. However the city of Rotterdam has suspended its diploma presentations until the end of June while the issue is under investigation. Students have been given until Friday evening to admit to having viewed a stolen exam.

Three Ibn Ghaldoun students have been arrested in connection with the theft. Police say there was no sign of a break-in. However the Education Ministry says that there is no reason to believe that school management is involved, and rector Bart Renders insists he is “almost 100 per cent sure” teachers are not involved in the theft.


Alleged Mosque Boarding School Revealed in Rotterdam

May 16 2013


A civil servant in Rotterdam has provided information revealing that there are allegedly Turkish mosque-related boarding schools operating in the city. According to his information the Faith mosque has housed girls as a residence, against the fire regulations which would not allow for the mosque to have a housing license.  The NRC Handelsblad reports that there are “boarding schools” of the sort in Arnhem, Utrecht, Breda and Amsterdam as well as Rotterdam.

The media attained the information about the mosque from the civil servant, who first gave the information to the city. The Rotterdam city council has sent a letter to the “whistle blower” stating that his job will be terminated with immediate effect because of his dereliction of duty in sharing information considered secret.

Rotterdam Population to be 45 Percent “Non-Western” in 2030

October 19 2012

Some 45% of Rotterdam’s population will be non-western by 2030, according to estimates provided by the local Centre for Research and Statistics (COS) this week. This research sent to the city council estimates that the number of non-western people in the city (of Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese and Antillean heritage) will grown from nearly 227,000 this year to over 297,000 in 2030. The expansion will not result from increased immigration to the Netherlands but from birthrates among the city’s existing population.

The research is part of the COS population predictions for the city in the coming years from 2013-2030, and also predicts future birth and death rates, domestic and international migration, and fluctuations in life expectancy.

Dutch Politicians React to Innocence of Muslims Controversies

20 September 2012


Media coverage of ongoing international controversies surrounding the movie Innocence of Muslims tracks the responses of Dutch politicians, particularly to statements from the European parliament speaker Martin Schulz. Dutch Euro-parliamentarian Hans van Baalen announced that Schulz should be standing up for freedom of expression, while Geert Wilders, via Twitter, called Schulz a “coward” who has “sentenced freedom to death”. Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Abu Taleb condemned the movie and advised Muslims to ignore the film.

Wilders’ Supporters Do Not Agree With Anti-Islam Stance

17 August 2012


New research by Chris Aalberts of Erasmus University in Rotterdam shows that the majority of Dutch residents supporting Geert Wilders and his PVV party are not in agreement with the politiican’s anti-Islam stance. According to Aalbert’s research, conducted through in depth interviews with supporters, only a small minority of supporters see Islam as a serious threat; rather, Wilders draws support from those “concerned about the more humdrum irritations of daily life” who identify anti-Islam rhetoric as a way of bringing their issues to the table, Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports. Aalbert’s research and the media coverage comes with the commencement of national campaigns for a September parliamentary election.