Harvard Longwood Muslims: Declaration

As salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah Dear All,

The Muslim American Society welcomes the news of the demise of Osama bin
Laden. The intentional killing of civilians for political ends is
terrorism, and this has been the mode of operation of Al Qaeda as
directed by Osama bin Laden. We pray that this development leads to a
reduction in radical extremism in the world, and that fewer fall victim
to it. Indeed fighting against acts of terror, radical extremism, and
its root causes must continue to be part of our nation’s agenda.
Finally, we pray that bin Laden’s demise brings some solace to the
thousands of families, Muslims and non-Muslims, who have been victimized
by Al Qaeda’s crimes.

Interview with Avi Primor: fighting the causes of Islamist terrorism

Avi Primor, Israel’s former ambassador to Germany and Director of the Center for European Studies at the private university IDC Herzliya, explains in conversation with Eren Güvercin how best to tackle the root causes of Islamic extremism.
He argues that the war on terrorism must be conducted together with Muslims, rather than against them.

The extreme forms of Islamism and terrorism, he claims, are not necessarily linked to the Islamic religion and its ideals, and it is important to highlight this. Furthermore, it must be understood where the terror comes from, perhaps not even by trying to convince the key figures of terrorism, but by solving the social problems of their many supporters.

Avi Primor has also published a book on this topic, “Mit dem Islam gegen den Terror” (With Islam against Terror).

More than 900 Africans died in 2007 on way to Spain

At least 921 would-be immigrants died in 2007 in attempts to reach Spain from Africa, according to a Spanish human rights group. The figure only reflected confirmed deaths, said the Asociacion Pro Derechos Humanos Andalusia, putting the real death toll at an alarming minimum of 3,500. Most deaths of the victims resulted from drowning, or hunger and thirst aboard their vessels. Among the confirmed victims, 287 came from Maghreb countries including Morocco and Algeria, while the other 629 were from other African countries; five were from Asia. The organization said that Spain and the European Union continued to ignore the root causes of emigration, and these kinds of casualties are the result of adopting extremely repressive frontier policies.