Mosque in Rome is Largest in Europe, why are there unauthorized mosques?

December 19, 2013


“For years we have denounced unauthorized mosques like those reported and discovered by residents of the Esquiline Bixio street. Unfortunately, there are not enough controls on unauthorized Islamic centers of worship in Italy.”

In a statement, the president of the ACMID (Association of Moroccan Women in Italy), Souad Sbai  continued  “I do not think that a Muslim should feel discriminated against by the lack of suitable places to worship. In Rome, there is the largest mosque in Europe, able to host more than 25 thousand people, and today, less than 400 faithful go there for Friday Prayer.”

According to the Association president, “surely it is important to protect those who profess their faith in a peaceful manner. However, clandestine mosques can hide centers of Islamist recruitment, especially at present, in which we are witnessing an advance of jihadist groups. Italy must remain vigilant and work to close unauthorized mosques.”



The First meeting of the Confederation of Young Islamic Italians

November 11, 2013


The first meeting of the Confederation of Young Islamic Italians (GCII) is planned for next Sunday, 17 November, in Rome. The event is promoted by the Lazio section of the newly formed Islamic education of youth. In a statement the president of the Italian Islamic Confederation, Wahid el Fihri, explained “We expect hundreds of young Muslims from different regions of Italy for the first national meeting which will be held at the auditorium of the Center Islamic cultural center of Italy, better known as the Great Mosque of Rome.“

“Our goal is to give our children one more tool to stay away from the sirens of extremism and give them the ability to fight for a moderate Islam, which is open to interreligious dialogue and respectful of the rules and culture of others. Above all, moderate Islam is able to integrate into Italian society in accordance with our traditions.” The event will include a recitation of the Quran, a parade of children dressed in traditional Moroccan and other Muslim countries clothing. After the presentation of the new Islamic youth group, there will be an open dialogue between parents and children regarding the problems of Muslim families living in Italy.

The Confederation, founded as a union of regional federations, was founded in March 2012 and brings together the 250 centers and places of worship scattered throughout the country, who have chosen to share common values​​, in line with the “Charter of Values, Citizenship and Immigration” promulgated by the Ministry of the Interior in 2007.


International Business Times:

Jewish Leader never discussed the closure of Mosques with Mayor

November 6, 2013


The president of the Jewish community, Riccardo Pacifici, said that he never spoke with the mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, to discuss possibility of closing mosques in the capital. Pacifici denied rumors about the supposed encounter stating the conversation “never happened.”



Bloody mannequins in front of the town hall: Forza Nuova takes a stance against Kyenge:
Mayor Marino: “shameful episode, Rome is an accepting town.”

Bloody mannequins were found in front of the town hall of Ostia against the minister Cécile Kyenge visit. Today the Minister of Integration participates in a debate right in Ostia which is on the coast. The debate was organized by the Young Democrats club at 18.30 after the visit to the Mosque of Rome in the morning. At the discovery, the mayor Ignazio Marino reacted sharply: “Rome is a city with an ancient tradition of hospitality; the isolated act of a few will not stop the courageous work being done by the Minister of Integration Cecile Kyenge. I strongly condemn the shameful episode that occurred this morning and I invite the Minister to Capitol Hill to make her feel welcome by all the citizens of Rome.” And meanwhile, we have increased safety procedures in the neighborhoods on coast where the minister is expected.”

The far-right group, however, has staged the mannequins on the floor and smeared them with tomato stains to reaffirm “the danger in which they will be applied if the Italians allow ius soli, the law that would grant citizenship to those born in Italy” they wrote on Facebook nine days ago along with photos of the mannequins dated August 2 the mannequins were seen in Cervia, near Ravenna, at the end of July, when the minister Kyenge participated in a celebration by the Democratic Party.

“We ask ourselves” explain the group “what she has to say about the policies about youth who are devoted to political disintegration of national identity. Her words are full of racism against European culture. Now this racism is seen in the ius soli and in the abolition of the Bossi-Fini laws, decriminalizing illegal immigration.”

And promises of attacks against refugees and immigrants in the country: “We want to send a strong message that immigration kills, and it will generates time bombs burst violently if left unchecked. We do not want to end up in the banlieues section of Paris. We are speaking as Catholics, far from any racial prejudice, we are just concerned about the Islamist tide that is taking place in Europe, including the crisis in the Middle East and this is just the beginning.”

The mannequins, posted on a gate, were quickly removed by the staff of the municipality. A “horrible gesture, reminiscent of the dark days of the Ku Klux Klan. We are all with Kyenge and we will press ahead,” said the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti on Twitter.

The “fascists of the Third Millennium” however, have posted a banner on the pedestrian bridge in Via dei Romagnoli, near Ostia, with the words : “Italy is not a bureaucracy. No to the ius soli.”


Salvini (Northern League): “Kyenge in a mosque? Is she in the Arab League’s Pocket?”

The League’s deputy secretary discussed the meeting between the Minister of Integration Cècile Kyenge and Muslim religious leaders. “They’ll take the eight mosques per thousand people and put the veil on women”

The visit of Kyenge the Grand Mosque of Rome yesterday passed quietly. Due to the wishes of the minister who wished to make the meeting almost “private,” routine, and away from the spotlight.

The visit, however, did not escape the deputy secretary of the Northern League Matteo Salvini, which in a few months may lead the party. The visit became the subject of yet another attack on the minister of integration.

“Today Mrs. Kyenge visited the mosque in Rome. Indeed this is a priority for Italians,” said Salvini on his Facebook page.

“It seems” added the Salvini “she has also discussed a future agreement between the Italian state and the Muslim community. Fine, but this agreement would allow eight Mosques per thousand and allow the veil on women.”

“What about Kyenge’s salary?” concludes Salvini “is she paid for by the Arab League?”


A Discussion for the Majority: A New Islamic cultural center in Verese

August 6, 2013

The Cultural Center brought up by the Associazione Unione Musulmani Varesini is expected to make some noise. This afternoon at the recent council meeting, the last before the summer break, the request was discussed to find a building to accommodate a cultural center.

After the postponement of last week’s discussions which were already on the agenda, the City’s planning department and the League’s Fabio Binelli, brought the issue to the foreground to seek the advice of fellow councilors. This advice is considered only as a technical point of view, but the councilors may have more say. Advice was sought to avoid the risk that this issue may become yet another quarrel in the center-right’s majority government in Rome.

“There must be made a ‘change of use’ license given and at the moment, without a full meeting, it is not feasible” said the commissioner Binelli. At this point everything is waiting on a new meeting, when the city, according to the regional law 12 of 2005, must identify the places of worship in the city. But does the law apply to a cultural center? “It’s an application is very ambiguous, the application says the site will be used as a cultural center, and also a place of worship, but here there is a risk that you mix the two.” But Binelli also expressed a concern: “I’m worried that if this new cultural center is open, it will become a principal center for the whole province, a fact that do not consider in line with our electoral mandate.”

Islam: Rome, Commissioner Cutini Visits the Grand Mosque

The commissioner capitulates and shows social support, Rita Cutini, visited the Grand Mosque of Rome. Received by the Secretary General of the Islamic Cultural Center of the Great Mosque of Rome, Abdellah Redouane, Cutini attended the evening breaking of the fast during the month of Ramadan, and ate, as tradition stipulates, fresh dates and a bit of water.

“I accepted the invitation to come on a visit to the Grand Mosque,” commented Councillor Rita Cutini at a time “important in the religious lives of many Roman citizens, because I consider it a dutiful tribute by my department, who has the expertise of integration, and to express sincere esteem and respect for this important and vital component of our city. “

Islam: The Grand Mosque of Rome, the 10 of July Ramadan will Begin

July 8, 2013

“On this occasion” said the Secretary-General of the Great Mosque of Rome, Abdellah Redouane “I present greetings to all Muslims of Italy calling upon God Almighty to spread peace over the whole world. Also this month of Ramadan is an opportunity for reconciliation and harmony between peoples. I ask all Muslims of Italy to take action to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable in this holy month and share this experience with them not only in the practice of worship but also in the spirit of solidarity made in Ramadan, mercy, and to make this Ramadan a month of brotherhood and harmony.”

Ramadan will begin on July 10 in Italy and the Arab countries of the Gulf and North Africa. The Muslim faithful fast from dawn to dusk and complete evening prayers (Tarawih). Families gather in the evening to break the fast together and have dinner.

Pope Francis wants a meeting with Christians, Jews and Muslims in Rome

May 30, 2013

Pope Francis will be attending a summit in Rome between the leaders of the three great monotheistic religions to launch a message of peace against violence and terrorism.

Pope Francis is planning to organize a meeting in Rome between Christians, Muslims and Jews, as Israeli government sources revealed after a meeting between the Pope and Shimon Peres. The meeting between the leaders of the three monotheistic religions as designed by the Pope should be used to convey a message of peace and to clarify that all religion is opposed to violence. In particular religions do not condone the use of God to justify brutality and terrorism.


Cardinal Scola opens to Islam: “There are bastions to break down.” On the mosque in Milan: “Yes, but with criteria”

“There are bastions to be removed but avenues to reach out to all humanity” said Cardinal Angelo Scola, archbishop of Milan during the opening Monday of the Milan headquarters of the Oasis Foundation, which promotes dialogue between the West and Islam. The Oasis International Foundation was started in Venice in 2003 by the Patriarch to support communities of Christians living in Muslim-majority countries. It operates through its offices in Rome, Venice and Milan and now also articulates its initiatives on various levels.

SAN GIULIANO – “The new Milan is there” said the Cardinal “You have to look to the metropolis Milan in a totally different. ” The understanding of Islam by Christians, said Scola, is still very low despite growing immigration. Indeed, “there is a great indifference in Europe and the United States about Islam. We are literally ignorant. If we ask for the average Christian about Islam, we have answers that are detrimental.”

THE ROLE OF MILAN – Scola stressed that “Milan is bridge and opportunity to learn from the West and be aware of the new reality and how we should proceed in an accepting interreligious society.” Milan, said Scola “in hindsight is the only true Italian metropolis, because Rome is a large shopping center with a huge variety of neighborhoods around. Instead Milan interacts with other major European cities and the rest of Italy.”

THE MOSQUE – When asked about the construction of a large mosque in Milan, Scola said that a place of worship is essential to be able to exercise religious freedom. But the construction must meet certain criteria. “On one hand” said Scola “the place of worship must part of the new Milan, real and genuine. At the same time we must take account the tradition and history, and therefore the way in which the dialogue between all religions and faiths are balanced in the creation of religious spaces for everyone.”