The Brigitte Bardot Foundation Prevents Ritual Sacrifice Training

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation impeded a training meeting that was to take place in Grenoble to explain the proper ritual sacrifice of lamb for Eid al-Adha. According to the foundation, such meeting encouraged “secretive slaughters,” and the Minister of the Interior Michèle Alliot-Marie intervened so that the municipality would not allow the group to meet in a public space. The Association of Information and the Defense of Muslim Consumers (Asidcom or l’Association de sensibilisation d’information et de défense du consommateur musulman), helped organize the initial meeting, and claim that in 2007, 130,000 lambs were legally slaughtered and 70,000 clandestinely for Eid, celebrated in December.

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Changing Ramadan rituals: American Muslims Shifting Focus From Food to Community

The Washington Post highlights the change in Ramadan rituals and traditions over the course of moving from predominantly Muslim countries to the United States. Particularly since September 11th, 2001, Muslim Americans are using the holy month to engage in activism, organizing community iftars, holding Islam-related film viewings, lectures, and inter-faith events. These changes reflect the differences of being the minority in a majority Christian country, where Ramadan festivities are not made visible by default, but encourage Muslim Americans to actively organize such events. The article follows the cases of several Muslim Americans from various backgrounds, who discuss not the Americanization of Ramadan, but ways in which they have melded the two in their own lives.

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In Britain, A Respected, If Rowdy, Holiday Ritual: Office Parties Known For Booze, Brawls

By Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan The British office party has become legendary for massive alcohol consumption that leads fistfights, firings and indiscretions. The two weeks leading up to December 25 have become so predictably raucous and turbulent that the ambulance service has a special medical vehicle to patrol the streets, known as the booze bus or Vomit Comit. While many Brits defend the tradition with patriotic zeal, others who do not consume alcohol, such as practicing Muslims, are on the margins. Some have brought lawsuits.