Malaysian Students in Germany Are Marketable

The Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz is confident that Malaysian students in Germany are largely in the right areas of studies and can be easily absorbed in job markets. She noted that they weare taking critical courses such as engineering in aeronautics, mechatronics, energy and mechanical and pointed out that these courses are very relevant in the market place. “I believe most of you here will not find it hard to find work. You are in good areas of studies, areas needed by job markets,” she told about 30 German-based Malaysian students.

Source halal products from Malaysia, Trade Minister urges French businesses

The Malaysian trade minister Rafidah Aziz is encouraging the French community to source halal products from Malaysia to serve Muslim communities in Europe. Citing the widespread appeal of product quality and integrity, Aziz is encouraging a Malaysian/French partnership to build a healthy trade relationship between the two countries.