Jihad and Families

A research report submitted to the Dutch parliament this week recommended the government counter Islamic radicalization by promoting marriage and family life. The study by the national intelligence service analyzed data on 22 men who were committed to jihad in the past but had since stopped. The service emphasizes the importance of a job and family, as opposed to the effect of “ideological contra-messages,” in countering violent intentions.

Netherlands mosques build anti-radicalization program

In an effort to prevent radicalization among Muslim youth, administrators of 18 mosques in the province of North Holland will attend a study week in April. Operating on the premise that youth become radicalized as a result of isolation and exposure to organizations outside of mosques, the program provides strategies for recruiting youth to mosques. During the study week participants will learn how to reinforce the social function of the mosque and make it more accessible for youth, and will also acquire skills in recognizing and dealing with radicalization should it occur.