City of Koblenz Bans Rally Planned by Radical Islamic Preacher



The radical Islamic preacher Pierre Vogel has planned a rally in the city of Koblenz on May 29th, which was expected to be attended by approximately 3,000 people. On May 26th, however, the city’s regulatory office prohibited the event. The rationale behind the ban is to protect children and youth, as Vogel’s speech was expected to contain content inappropriate for or even harmful to young people.



Dutch muslims targeted in voting campaigns

Various religious and social organizations are addressing the Netherlands’ Muslim population in advance of national elections on June 9, 2010. While some organizations are encouraging active participation in the election, others are urging Muslims not to vote. Radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir set up a website and handed out flyers at Dutch mosques urging Muslims not to vote, as no candidate provides sufficient support for Muslims while their participation would legitimize the election.

Alternately, the Council of Moroccan Mosques in North Holland is urging Muslim participation in the election.  The Dutch Moroccan Alliance has produced a video and will send representatives into the community to speak Moroccan youth in an attempt to “get out the Moroccan vote.”