Woolwich attack: racist Facebook posts lead to suspended jail term

A 24-year-old woman who posted racist comments on Facebook after the death of Drummer Lee Rigby has avoided a jail sentence. Michaela Turner, of Southsea, Hampshire, was sentenced at Portsmouth magistrate’s court to an eight-week jail term, suspended for six months. She was ordered to pay £85 in costs and a victim surcharge of £60. The court heard that Turner had been drinking when she made comments about the Woolwich attack on the social networking site. They included: “Feeling like burning down some mosques in Portsmouth, anyone want to join me?” Rebecca Strong, defending, said: “She is extremely remorseful and ashamed of what happened. She was with a friend, they were drinking, they had watched some clips regarding what happened in Woolwich and she was extremely upset, as is most of the country at what happened.” Strong said Turner had stopped using Facebook and deleted the comments. “She fully accepts what she did and is very ashamed of what she said. Turner pleaded guilty to an offence contrary to section 127 of the Communication Act 2003.

20 years after the assault of Solingen

May 29


Muslims representatives such as the central council of Muslims remembered the deadly assault of May 29th 1993 in the German city of Solingen. Twenty years ago, the German government restricted the asylum law, as a consequence of increasing numbers of asylum seekers. The restriction was part of a preventive policy in the aftermath of the German reunification. Violent protests against foreigners and asylum seekers had occurred in Eastern and Western parts of Germany. In Solingen, a right-wing extremist perpetrator had executed a fire assault, which killed a Turkish family with five members.


With regard to the twentieth annual of the assault in Solingen, Muslim organizations are deeply concerned about the recent wave of assaults against mosques. According the central council of Muslims, Muslim immigrants are increasingly facing daily racism when applying for jobs or searching for accommodation. Racist comments have become socially accepted. The central council of Muslims argues that NSU right-wing terrorism has been advantaged by the hostile atmosphere against Muslim immigrants.


The Mosque of Ibn Al -Abbar de Onda denounces an attempt of fire in its building

25 September 2012
The Mosque of Ibn Al -Abbar de Onda woke up this Tuesday with the a burned entrance. The night before and after attending the prayer they received “racist” comments by a person as they left the mosque after ten o’clock at night.
The center’s president said that this person started abusing them as they left the mosque, but says that no neighbor has seen or declared the fire.

French interior minister fined for making racist comments

A French court has fined Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux for making racist comments about a young party activist of Algerian origin. The court fined Mr Hortefeux 750 euros (£622) and ordered that he pay 2,000 euros to an anti-racism group. The comments were made in September 2009 and were broadcast in a video clip that circulated on the internet.

The court ruled that his remark was “incontestably offensive, if not contemptuous”. The court did not issue a criminal conviction, judging that Mr Hortefeux had not intended the comments to be heard in public. It found him guilty instead of the lesser offence of racial insult.

Woman fined after racist outburst

A 41 year-old woman from Dronten was fined yesterday for directing racist comments at a playing child a year ago. Essentially, the woman lectured about worthless and rotten immigrant Turks and with offensive language suggested they return to Turkey. She was fined 600 euros for her discriminating language and another 75 euros for damage done to her neighbors fence.