A Muslim party will candidate to Parlament Elections

14 August 2012

The Catalunya Òmnium-Muslim[1] party formed in late 2011 – will be presented at the forthcoming elections to the Parliament, which will be held in 2014 – in order to bring together the votes of Muslim immigrants living in Catalunya.
The president of the far-right formation Plataforma per Catalunya (PXC), Josep Anglada, regretted this and has claimed that “is a further step in the Islamist strategy of penetration in the institutions and accumulation of political power.”

Gasmi Slaheddine, president of the Muslim League of the Swiss canton of Ticcino was also there.The speaker of the party is Rachid El Attabi, owner of an halal butchery in Catalonia.


[1] Political party (the name means Catalonia for all) constituted in 2011 aiming to protect the Islamic rights; and congregating all Muslims living in the area, namely the Moroccan and the Pakistani community. http://www.alertadigital.com/2011/10/20/musulmanes-residentes-en-cataluna-crean-un-partido-politico-catalunya-omnium/

Partido Popular and Plataform for Catalonia require Muslims of Mataró to be the only ones to pay property taxes for their places of praying

29 May 2012
Although with different arguments and suggestions, the Partido Popular and the Platform for Catalonia (PXC) have filed two resolutions that put the spotlight on Muslim places of worship claiming that, they have to pay property taxes for their places of praying.
The three councilors of the PXC want the city Authority of Mataro to support the idea that the Islamic places of worship should be the only temples to be asked to pay the tribute. The political motion argues that Muslims must pay the tax property because “many of the mosques we have in our country are the focus of fundamentalism that spread sharia or the Islamic law as a total law to govern their followers and that shocks directly with the objectives of a religious institution in a democracy.”