Dutch jihadis from Arnhem captured in Turkey

The Dutch Public Prosecutor announced that two men from the Dutch city of Arnhem presumably traveling to the battle zones of Syria of Iraq were captured in Turkey. The pair had gone missing for an extended period of time.

They belong to a group that is being surveilled on account of their supposed radicalization. Nothing was made known about their identity. In the interest of the investigation the Public Prosecutor has announced it will not elaborate on the exact place or circumstances of the arrest. From the city of Arnhem a considerable number of people have already set out for travel.

One of the arrested people is Abdelkarim el A. (29) also known as Muhajiri Shaam. He was assumed to have died in August in the Syrian city of Aleppo. He appeared in the media last year with a video message from Syria in which he called upon Muslims to carry out ‘a firm and strong act’ against the Dutch government if need be because it is supporting America.

His brother Youssef el A. had to appear in front of a judge recently in the Dutch city of Rotterdam because he was supposed to have transferred money to Abdelkarim. According to the Arnhem mayor Herman Kaiser the amount of jihadis traveling from his municipality has been stable over the past months.

Update: Dutch Court Jails Man for Plans to Fight in Syria

October 31, 2013


Last week, Nos television reported that a Dutch man had been jailed for planning to travel to Syria to take part in armed resistance against president Assad. Ignition fuses, aluminum powder and instructions for making explosives were among items found in his home.

The Rotterdam district court ruled that making preparations to travel to Syria, including buying a plane ticket and collecting funds, can be seen as preparation for murder and is punishable by law. The ruling is significant for the public prosecution of the Netherlands because until now there has been no jurisprudence on the issue, and this ruling will have implications for others planning to travel to Syria for similar purposes. The Public Prosecutor’s Office publicly commented on its support of the verdict.

In addition to jailing one man for a year on these grounds, a second man has been sent to a psychiatric hospital for the same intention. Mohammed G. collected money, cancelled rent, packed bags, and read ‘Jihadist texts’ as preparation for fighting in Syria. However, the man suffers from psychoses and will not receive a sentence but rather must go to a psychiatric hospital.


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Hofstad Group Member to be Released from Prison

30 August 2013


Samir Azzouz, serving a nine year sentence for terrorism in Rotterdam, is to be released on 6 September. He will have served two thirds of the sentence. Azzouz was a member of the “Hofstad Group”, and was jailed for preparing attacks on targets including politicians and the head office of the AIVD secret service.

The Public Prosecutor requested a one year delay in Azzouz’s release, on the basis of poor behavior in prison and continued “radical Islamic convictions.” Azzouz was re-arrested in his cell in 2012 under suspicion of planning another attack. The judge rejected the request due to a lack of plan from the Public Prosecutor proving how the danger of repetition would be reduced by an extension of Azzouz’s time in prison.

Potential Further Delay in Dutch MP Court Case

February 3 2011

The ongoing trial of MP and Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders may be delayed. The anti-Islam politician is on trial for charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims. Initially the Public Prosecutor’s Office declined to prosecute Wilders for his anti-Islamic statements. When a number of minority organizations complained, the court supported them and ordered the Public Prosecutor’s office to prepare a case, which subsequently collapsed due to irregularities involving judges. The trial was set to resume on Monday, however a lawyer representing groups opposing Wilders has gone to the appeal court to object to the behavior of the Prosecution Department which called for Wilders’ acquittal. Speaking in reaction to a media report, he commented: “the public prosecutor cannot take the position that Mr. Wilders is not liable to punishment.”

Dutch court rules Muslim criminal may serve at Christian rehabilitation center

An appeals court has ruled that a Muslim man, undergoing treatment as part of a sentence for criminal fraud, may continue his program at a Christian rehabilitation center. The criminal moved into a Christian center in Leiden after a Middleburg district court suspended his prison sentence and ordered therapy for him to control his cocaine addiction.

While the man himself had no objections to the program and is able to conduct five daily prayers at the center, the Public Prosecutor objected to the treatment on the grounds that it infringed on the man’s religious freedom. An appeal court has ruled that he may continue his stay at the treatment center.

Public Prosecutor: Wilders did not violate Dutch discrimination law

Geert Wilders will not be prosecuted on charges of inciting hatred of Muslims for his anti-Quran film _Fitna’ and for comments written for a Dutch newspaper. Dutch prosecutors said that they would not take action, because Wilders is protected by the right to free speech. The prosecutors received dozens of complaints for an investigation following his film and comments. Prosecutors released a statement saying: That comments are hurtful and offensive for a large number of Muslims does not mean that they are punishable […] Freedom of expression fulfills an essential role in public debate in a democratic society […] “Than means that offensive comments can be made in a political debate.