PSOE breaks relationships with Muslim Party, Caballas

23 July 2013

The Socialist Party of Ceuta has decided this afternoon to “break” their relationships with Caballas, the first group in the opposition of Ceuta’s political Assembly, for their defence of Koranic scholar Malik Ibn Benaissa[1]. Benaissa had been denounced by the Socialists for classifying as a “fornicator” the woman who wears perfume and stilettos.

Caballas issued in a note that Malik Ibn Benaissa is a “person trained not only in Islam, but that he is also a committed citizen”. They expressed their support for Benaissa and demanded an apology from the PSOE to all the Muslim community.

This has led to the PSOE response announcing in a statement that they break all relations with Caballas limiting them exclusively to the “essential” for the government’s control of Ceuta.

[1] Benaissa is an Imam, a Qur’an expert who dedicates his life to give conferences and sermons. He has his own youtube channel: The following video called: “The Queens of Islam” is the own referred to in these new:

The Spanish Headscarf and burqa debate

After the Najwa Malha affair and the ban on the burqa and the niqab in Lleida some political and religious actors have fixed their opinions on headscarves.

The Speaker in the European Parliament of the Socialist Party of Spain (PSOE), López Aguilar, compared the hijab to the Catholic nuns’ head covering.

Proposed union between Muslim Party and Socialist Party in Ceuta called off

The Socialist Party (PSOE) and the Muslim Party (UCDE) of Ceuta have refused to go ahead with their proposed union.

Both political groups were discussing the possibility of a union as an alternative to the current local right-wing dominated city government.

The UCDE demanded, as a condition of the union, control of either the Local Education Board or the Unemployment Office. The Socialist party was not prepared to meet these demands; negotiations have thus broken down.

Immigration, a Polarizing Electoral Issue

In the campaigns for Spain’s March 9th elections, there are two opposing positions concerning the hot topic of immigration. On the left, is the predominant viewpoint that immigrants must be accepted and that comprehensive global solutions are needed; on the right, is the attitude to at best cold-shoulder, and at worst to harass them. The first stance, with variations, is supported by the governing Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and by the United Left coalition, as well as non-governmental organizations. The second is held by the main opposition force, the centre-right Popular Party (PP).

Militants of the Popular Party and of the Falange insult Zapatero and scream Spain is Christian not Islamic

Murcia was the stage of manifestations against and in favour of Zapatero. The events were so serious that the event in which the Prime Minister was supposed to participate had to be cancelled. The militants of PP accused him of being the anti-Christ at the same time that members of the PSOE were thanking him for having reposed their faith.