Lleida City Council will not provide land to build a mosque

Lleida’s city council, governed by the Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC), has blocked the administrative concession of land where the new mosque had to be built. The new mosque was intended to replace the North Street prayer’s room which has been closed since August. The Local Planning Commission rejected this project because the Islamic Community, lead by Abdelwhab Houzi, hasn’t provided the required documentation.

January, 25/2011

The Mayor of the City of Reus Issued a Decree Forbidding the Burka in Municipal Areas

December 14, 2010

The Mayor of the city of Reus, Lluís Miquel Pérez (Catalonian Socialist Party /PSC) has issued a decree forbidding the use of the burka in municipal areas. The regulation of this outfit was debated in Reus last July, but Convergencia I Unio (CiU) and the Popular Party (PP) asked to ban its use everywhere and not only in municipal facilities as advocated PSC and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC). Lluis Miquel Pérez promised to study the issue and requested a legal report that concludes that the city hall can only ban the use of the burka in municipal areas an not in the streets according to the Spanish law.

Mohamed Chaib: It is not normal that the immigrants can’t vote in the municipal elections

Mohamed Chaib Akhdim, the deputy of the PSC in the Parliament of Catalonia, pleaded today for a change in immigration policies and indicated that it is not normal that at this point three or four million immigrants do not have right to the vote. Muslims have much to contribute to discourse on how we live our lives and function as a society, he added, noting that Spain is home to more than a million immigrants of Muslim origin.