Dutch Muslim news paper to publish glossy of the prophet Muhammed

The Dutch Muslims new paper called Moslimkrant has announced that it will publish a glossy on the Prophet Muhammed. The Muslim news paper writes: “The glossy magazine Muhammed will be about the different faces of Muhammed. Muhammed the husband and father, the general and strategist, the trader and merchant, the strict protector of norms and the emphatic bon vivant, just and charitable. Muhammed was all of them.”

The reason for the making this glossy by the Dutch Muslim newspaper are the continuing misconceptions and minimal knowledge on the Prophet, according to the main editor Brahim Bourzik. “In 63 full color pages articles explain the relationship of the Prophet’s various roles and the current dilemma’s and people in today’s Nethelands. Additionally the glossy Mohammed will provide recipes for delicious meals inspired by the live of the Prophet. They will be liked by Dutch people of all colors, Muslims and non-Muslims!” the editor stated.

The publication is aimed to be during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

An interview on the glossy Mohammed can be seen via this link (in Dutch): http://www.republiekallochtonie.nl/moslimkrant-maakt-glossy-magazine-over-profeet-mohammed

Denmark: Danish Library Wants to Preserve Inflammatory Drawings

Copenhagen’s Royal Library is working to acquire controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed for its permanent collection. The 12 drawings would be preserved for posterity — but probably never put on display, to the dismay of some. A dozen of the most inflammatory newspaper sketches in history may soon share shelves with some of Denmark’s most prized historical documents. The Danish Royal Library, founded more than 350 years ago, is working to acquire 12 cartoons of Muhammad that angered Muslims and resulted in deadly riots worldwide in 2006. Andrew Curry reports.