Magnanville: CFCM condemnation


France has once again been hit by an act of cowardly and barbaric terrorism. A police couple was killed Monday night in Magnanville (Yvelines). An assailant who had previously been sentenced in 2013 for terrorist related activity stabbed the policeman and his partner to death.


The CFCM condemns in the strongest this act of horror, which was odious and despicable.  The CFCM expresses its profound sympathy and presents its sincere condolences to the families of the victims.


The CFCM also calls on the Muslims of France to profit from the month of Ramadan to pray that France may live in Peace, Unity, and Security.

Chances for money making during Ramadan

According to Ali Topal, owner of restaurant chain Meram (in Amsterdam and Rotterdam) and Ahmed Ait Moha, researcher at Motivaction, many owners of for example restaurants and shops, do not realize their chances of money making during Ramadan. They don’t realize the needs and wishes of Muslims, for example for restaurants to extend their opening hours. Partly this may be due to a lack of information, but it might also be that owners hesitate to do something ‘only’ for their islamic customers.

Flickr / raasiel
Flickr / raasiel