Private Muslim Schools to be Opened in Oslo

November 12, 2010

Norwegian media reports about plans to open three private Muslim schools in Oslo. All three schools will have a stronger focus on Islam, and on Arabic or Turkish rather than German or French as optional third languages to learn. Other to that they will follow national curricula.
One of the schools, Fredsskolen (the Peace School) has already been approved and might open next fall. The to others have not had their applications tested yet.

French Court Backs Muslim School

LYON – A French court in the east-central city of Lyon has overturned a decision by the city’s top educational authority to close a Muslim secondary school. “Justice is served,” the school’s principal Nazir Hakim told on Tuesday, February 20. “We were confident that the French judiciary would give us back our right to open the school under relevant laws that guarantee freedom of establishing private schools in accordance with the state by-laws,” added Hakim, in an upbeat mood. The renovated building in the Lyon suburb of D’cines will be fully operating next year and will mainly teach state curricula in addition to Qur`an, jurisprudence, Islamic civilization and history. Private Muslim schools were an urgent demand by many Muslim families in France, especially after the state banned hijab and religious symbols at public schools.