Roberto Sandalo Dead, the Prima Linea terrorist responsible for anti-Islam bombs

January 9, 2014


The ex-terrorist died of natural causes in a prison in Parma, where he was sentenced to nine years. After collaborating with the Prima Linea, Sandalo joined a faction of the Northern League. In 2008, he was arrested for attacking mosques and Islamic Centers in Milan.

Roberto Sandalo, 56, former Prima Linea terrorist known as “the crazy Roby” and “Commander Franco.” Sandalo became involved xenophobic militancy. Until his arrest , in 2008, he was responsible for a series of attacks against mosques and Islamic centers in Milan. In Parma, Sandal was serving a 9-year sentence.

In Turin, his hometown, Sandalo met Marco Donat Cattin, his high school librarian. He was arrested in April 1980 and shortly after began working with investigators. He confessed his involvement in the murders of Charles Ghiglieno , Carmine Civitate and Bartholomew Mana and revealed the terrorist activities of his friend Marco, the son of the Democrat Carlo Donat Cattin. Sandalo was sentenced to eleven years and seven months in prison; he served only two years—and in the mid-eighties he moved to Kenya.

In 2002 he was arrested again for robbery and in 2008 he was arrested for being among the leaders of anti-Islamic attacks using fire and pipe bombs in Milan, Brescia and Abbategrasso.


Il Fatto Cronaca:

Red-Brigade member arrested in mosque attacks

The Italian special branch of the police force arrested an ex-member of Prima Linea, the Lombard section of the Italian Red Brigade. The arrestee, Roberto Sandalo, was taken into custody in Milan. His arrest was part of an investigation by the public magistrate concerning attempted attacks on mosques and sites of Islamic culture/cultural centers, made six months ago in Milan and Lombardia.