Madrid Forum seeks Muslim-Western understanding

Spanish government and UN leaders plan to hold the first Alliance of Civilizations forum in mid-January. The conference, which will take place in Madrid, will foster dialogue on such topics like terrorism and cultural clashes. The alliance was created after the September 11th, 2001 attacks to foster an understanding between Islam and the West, and to address issues that continue to cause tensions. International delegates and leaders from Malaysia, Algeria, Turkey, Portugal, in addition to representatives from many organizations and universities plan to attend the conference.

17 “jihadists” detained in Italy, Uk, France and Portugal

17 alleged “jihadists,” mostly of Tunisian background, were detained yesterday in an international anti-terrorism operation performed by the Italian police. About two hundred international capture warrants were issued in four Italian cities (Milan, Bergamo, Varese, and Reggio Emilia); two English cities (London and Manchester), one in France (Paris) and one in Portugal (Porto). In Porto, the Police detained an Algerian citizen living in Portugal for the past 3 years, possessing legal documents to travel either in Portuguese territory and in the Schengen space. According to the Interior Italian Minister Giuliano Amato, this is a very important operation that has decapitated an active jihadist net in Europe.