The Police Union Trade claims for a clearer identification protocol of women carrying the ‘hiyab’

7 August 2012

The Police Union Trade, sent to the Police General Director, Ignacio Cosidó, a written request to draw up rules on how to act to identify Muslim women wearing hijab or burqa, hiding partly or wholly their face. The petition is due to problems arising when these women seek access to police stations to report or make other arrangements.
The Union maintains that ” the number of citizens who come to the police to perform various actions wearing hijab or burqa has increased” which precludes their full identification, or at least, makes it difficult.
The current rules are clear on the issue of documents such as passport or ID card: Muslim women can wear the Islamic veil, whenever it leaves the face completely uncovered in the picture. The regulation is not as accurate, however, when women go to the police to carry out procedures and must pass the security checkpoint.