Gear wheels network for young well-educated Muslims

August 8


In March 2010, young engaged Muslims met to initiate a networks called Zahnräder “gear wheels”.

The network´s aim is to provide a professional networking platform for young well-educated Muslims, who either engage in politics, economy, media or the social sector.


Since 2012, the network´s capabilities were boosted when being supported by organizations such as the British Council, the aid organization Islamic Relief, and the education network of North Rhine-Westphalia. Ali Aslan Gümüsay is one of the founders of “gear wheels” and the current board of directors. Gümüsay, is a doctoral candidate at the Said Business School of Oxford University. He underlined the necessity for Muslims to network and participate in German society.  Zahnräder does not require participants to subscribe a membership. So far, there are around 90 active people and a German wide circle of contributors participating at Zahnräder’s online forums and annual national conferences in Germany.

French ministers refuse to attend conference with Islamic scholar who teaches at Oxford University

Tariq Ramadan is an Islamic scholar who teaches at Oxford University and a former member of a working group on extremism set up by Tony Blair. Time magazine once described him as the “leading thinker” among Europe’s second and third-generation Muslim immigrants. Yet two French ministers have suddenly announced that they will not attend a conference in Florence tomorrow on the future of the European Union because of the presence of the scholar, Tariq Ramadan. He is due to be a panellist at the conference, entitled The State of the Union, speaking about “migration, identity and integration”. The French Interior Minister Manuel Valls and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the Women’s Rights Minister who is also a government spokeswoman, informed organisers that they were pulling out, saying they had “not been informed” of Professor Ramadan’s attendance. The philosopher is a controversial figure who has been accused of advocating violence and for some years was banned from entering France.

Muslim rocker wields guitar in rock’n’roll jihad

He is a long-haired rocker who plays a mean riff and cites Led Zeppelin among his influences — and now he has been unveiled as the government’s latest weapon in the fight against Al-Qaeda.

Salman Ahmad, a Pakistani musician whose band has sold more than 30m albums, is to urge Muslim students to choose an electric guitar over extremism.

The self-proclaimed “rock’n’roll jihadist” will take his message this week to students at Oxford University, Imperial College and the London School of Economics, which all have sizable Islamic societies.

“You counter radicalisation through telling the truth and if that comes from the power of a guitar then do that,” said Ahmad, who has worked with the Obama administration to tackle extremism on American college campuses.

‘Muslim parents in UK exposing kids to radical Islamic groups’

The failure of the Muslims to integrate with British society has left their children open to the lure of extremism, a top Islamic scholar has said. Farhan Nizami, the director of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, which has links with Oxford University, accused British Muslim parents of keeping their children alienated from mainstream society, and exposing them to radical Islamic groups. Immigrant communities have to do more to get integrated, particularly on issues of language and education, said Nizami, a key adviser on Islam to the Prince of Wales. He appealed to Muslim parents to do more to avert the danger of their children becoming fanatics. Muslim families have to realise the importance of education for their children and make an effort to push them into achieving more, Nizami was quoted as saying by The Daily Telegraph.

Halal skincare launched in the UK

Hallal Skincare is a new premium quality skincare brand which provides Muslim consumers with the choice of affordable halal skincare that is compatible with their faith. Halo Skincare was launched a fortnight ago by Soni Zuberi Shah, after her own search for trusted halal skincare products revealed that there was very little choice in the UK market for those wishing to make a faith-based skincare purchase. Shah, herself a science graduate from Oxford University, worked alongside UK skincare experts to exacting EU regulations and the highest halal specifications, to formulate the high quality Halo moisturising cream.