CAIR: Obama avoidance of Muslims not his fault

The Muslim advocacy group Council on America-Islamic relations, contended that Barack Obama is not to blame for his nonexistent outreach to American Muslim leaders. CAIR Spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper said that Obama’s reticence to reach out to American Muslims is partly due to people making use of the senator’s middle name. “Senator Obama has been targeted by anti-Muslim extremists who have falsely claimed he’s Muslim,” says Hooper. “… [I] think he is reacting to that concerted effort to smear him with false allegations …. Unfortunately, in reacting to these [smears], he can have the perception of keeping the American Muslim community at arm’s length,” Hooper said.

A New England Muslim leader reaches out

Imam Khalid Nasr, head of the Islamic Center of New England, has been working overtime as a spiritual leader of both the Sharon mosque and the center’s other mosque in Quincy. Officially the imam of both mosques since the imam of the center’s Sharon mosque was arrested on immigration charges last year, Nasr, an Egyptian native, has been conducting services in both places and delegating duties to trained lay persons in cases of conflicting schedules. In his time in charge of the Islamic centers, Nasr has made outreach to Christians and non-Muslims a trademark of his service, meeting regularly with heads of area Christian congregations and welcoming school groups to tour the Quincy mosque. “We are not strangers anymore. This is our home. Our intention is to stay here and be part of this community, he said.