Weather reporter apologizes to Muslims



Popular Belgian weather reporter, Luc Trellemans, of the national broadcaster RTL Belgium publically apologized to the country’s Muslim community after having expressed Islamophobic views on his Facebook page.

The reporter accused Muslims of ‘mocking our (Belgian) customs’ on his Facebook wall and was met, as a result, with a torrent of outrage in social media circles. His public apology was followed by a public message of the broadcaster RTL, distancing itself from the comments and announcing the immediate suspension of the weather reporter.

Vincent Geissler Responds to Media’s Treatment of Homophobia among French Muslims

Vincent Geissler explains here in an opinion video posted on that he believes that instead of considering the problem of homophobia in France more broadly, French media have more easily pointed the problem on French banlieusard (suburb-living) Muslims.

According to Study by, 86% of French Oppose Burqa Ban

A large majority (86%) of French Muslims say they oppose a law regulating the wearing of a full veil, according to a survey conducted by French site than half (59%) say that wearing the burka or niqab is a Koranic injunction and many more (77%) reject the idea that women who war the veil are coerced. 54% of respondents say that the full veil is a “hallmark of religious commitment,” 35% say it’s a cultural practice, and 9% say it’s a “demand of political nature”

80% of the respondents say the creation of a parliamentary commission on wearing the burqa is a “stigmatization of Islam”. 15% says it’s ‘useless’ and 5% ‘useful’. The poll was conducted via Internet. According to, the 1,545 people aged 18+ who participated in the survey represent all socio-professional, denominational and cultural aspects of French Muslims.