Woman in Ottawa Funnels Funds to Britain in Alleged Terrorist Financing Scheme

In this Ottawa trial last week, it was revealed that former software designer Momin Khawaja used an Ottawa-area woman to funnel funds to colleagues in an alleged terrorist financing scheme. Zenab Armandpisheh testified she met Mr. Khawaja in the fall of 2002 in an Internet chat room when she was an 18-year-old college student, but cut off ties in mid-2003 as she grew suspicious of his activities. She never knew his real name, but shortly after was put into contact with Anthony Garcia, one of the five men convicted by a British jury last year of plotting to bomb target in and around London. Ms. Armandpisheh also said that Mr. Khawaja sent her several emails about various recent terrorist attacks and handed her a number of DVDs depicting jihadi activities, encouraging that she “play them for others.”

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The Wife of Jailed Muslim Activist in China, Huseyin Celil, Appeals to Ottawa

Kamila Telendibaeva, the wife of jailed activist Huseyin Celil, appealed to the Canadian government to press her husband’s case more with China, in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics. Telendibaeva suggested their requests were ignored as they arrived in Canada as refugees are not Canadian-born. She was joined at a news conference at Amnesty International’s annual general meeting in Toronto by Rebiya Kadeer, considered the most important leader of the Uyghur people, the Muslim minority group to which Celil belongs. Celil had been traveling with a Canadian passport when he was arrested in Uzbekistan 2 years ago and eventually handed over to Chinese officials, who accused him of terrorism and sentenced him to life in prison.

Wiretaps Played at Terror Trial Suggest Youth Favoured Beheading Canadian Prime Minister

According to police wiretaps played in court near Toronto on Wednesday, members of an alleged Canadian terrorist cell believed a then-teenager would be the best candidate to behead the Canadian Prime Minister because of his wood-chopping skills. On the same tape, the young man and one of his co-accused discuss the global fight to get rid of the oppressors, even if on Western soil. You harm one Muslim and the whole Muslim [nation] has to defend that person, he said. The now twenty year-old is one of 18 suspects arrested in 2006 as part of an alleged terrorist scenario, which included taking hostages from the parliament in Ottawa, setting off bombs in Toronto and Ottawa and beheading Prime Minister Stephen Harper if demands for the release of prisoners in Afghanistan were not met. The conversations were taped by a police informant during a trip to northern Ontario in February 2006. The strength of the case has been called into question in recent months as the prosecution has chosen not to proceed with charges against 7 of the 18 accused.

Rule against hijab stands: world soccer body

The F_d_ration Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, during its annual general meeting in Manchester, England, upheld its regulation against hijabs. FIFA’s prohibition became a point of public controversy after 11-year-old Ottawa soccer player Asmahan Mansour was ejected on February 25 from a tournament game by a referee.