The Ottawa Citizen Profiles Zijad Delic

The Ottawa Citizen profiles Dr. Zijad Delic, who immigrated to Canada in 1995 from Bosnia and received his PhD from Simon Fraser University ten years later. Delic is currently an imam at British Columbia’s largest Sunni Mosque as well as an administrator at the B.C. Muslim school. He is coordinating “Islamic History Month Canada,” proclaimed by the Canadian federal government in the month of October.

Tarek Fatah Responds to Ottawa Citizen Article Highlighting the Victimization of Local Muslims

The sub-headline of a recent Ottawa Citizen feature report about Muslims in the capital city claimed: ‘Surrounded by suspicion and ambivalence, Ottawa Muslims wonder, When will we belong? And on whose terms?’The author suggests that all 30 or so of the Muslims who were interviewed asked some variation of the question “When will we belong?” — the premise being that they don’t belong yet. Canadian Muslim Tarek Fatah responds in the Globe and Mail highlighting the number of Muslim parliamentary representatives in the Ottawa region. Fatah concludes that, “I have been to Ottawa numerous times and have close interaction with Muslim Canadians. Never once have I heard them say that they felt victimized.”

Hijabs for Life in Canada

CAIRO – Spurred by the ban of hijab-clad girls from taking part in sports competitions, Canadian Muslim Abeer Al-Azzawi is helping her fellow Muslim peers play, work and live with a new hijab fit for everyday life, reported the Ottawa Citizen on Saturday, January 26. “You see stores that cater to all kinds of girls — to rocker girls, girlie girls, sporty girls — but there’s nothing for the hijabi girls,” said Azzawi. “If I can do something to change that, I will.” The 24-year-old engineering grad has established an online company for making hijabs that suit Muslim sports girls.