U.S. Citizens Question Terror Watch Lists: “No-Fly” And “No-Drive” Lists Hold Up Americans Crossing The Nation’s Borders

Toledo, Ohio native Zak Reed is tired of being stopped and detained at the Canadian border every time he tries to drive home. Reed, who converted to Islam ten years ago is on the Terrorism Watch List administered by the Department of Homeland Security. He is stopped and detained routinely for no reason, as are many other Americans. The government will not share who is on the list, although there are approximately 300,000 individuals and 800,000 names including aliases.

Muslim Groups Protest Closure of Charity

The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections has expressed its anger at the closure of the Muslim charity KindHearts by US authorities in February this year. KindHearts, the Ohio-based group was a $5 million-a-year charity with branches in Lebanon, Pakistan, and the Gaza Strip. It provided funds for water treatment plants and orphanages, but was shut down by federals authorities amid allegations that it was aiding Hamas. Pleas by American-Muslim leaders to US Treasury Secretary John Snow for guidelines on how to financially aid the Palestinian people without being accused of terrorism have been ignored.